Why You Should Go for the Right Lawyers

Why You Should Go for the Right Lawyers

The second important criterion of choice for choosing a criminal lawyer relates to the human relationship, that is to say the qualities of listening and the interest which he will show for the file. This criterion is very important whether one is incriminated as a defendant, or concerned as a victim. The challenges of his client’s life require, in fact, a significant availability on the part of his counsel. The confrontation with the “judicial machine” and the many uncertainties that assail it will create strong expectations that the lawyer must legitimately understand.

For the Accused

With an accused, it is not only an advisory role that he plays,but also a supportive role on the moral level because during certain procedural acts such as police custody or detention, justice keeps relatives at a distance. It is the Shawnee Criminal Lawyer who then plays an important role during his visits, and often allows them psychologically to withstand the shock.

For victims, the lawyer plays such an important support role, especially during a confrontation with an attacker. It is also he who will help them ensure that their rights are respected during the investigation and who can request requests for acts (hearings, expert opinions). Victims must also have recourse to a qualified criminal lawyer to quantify the amount of damages to which they are entitled, in view of the damage suffered. The methods of calculating and evaluating this amount are complex and require special skills from the lawyer.

Another point to watch before choosing a criminal lawyer: his ease as a speaker, because he defends his client from start to finish before the various courts, mainly orally.

  • Finally, the issue of lawyer’s fees is also an issue that should never be overlooked. Each firm is free to set its fees. Depending on the nature of the dispute, they can be calculated in proportion to the time spent on the case.
  • Hourly rates can fluctuate a lot from one practice to another, with differences ranging from 100 to 1,500 euros per hour.

When one has a limited budget, it is advisable to choose a criminal lawyer working according to the fee agreement, who commits him mutually with his client on the characteristics of the mission entrusted, as well as on the terms of payment. . The most modest people are advised to choose a criminal lawyer likely to take into account the legal aid allocated by the State, according to the level of resources of the litigant. This assistance can cover all or part of the costs of a procedure.

Good to know:If you are the victim of a very serious crime, you can benefit from this 100% assistance to defend yourself criminally, even if you do not meet the means-tested conditions.

Change lawyer

It is important to choose your criminal lawyer carefully from the start, so that you do not have to change them during the procedure. Such cases can indeed arise. They occur in particular when the litigants consider that the lawyer is not dealing with their case with diligence, that he has committed certain professional errors or that his fees are excessive.


They need to find a successor, but avoid doing so at certain times, or at least never before a hearing.Any litigant has the right to withdraw from his or her lawyer if he informs him of it according to the rules of the art: in writing and by paying the fees for the work accomplished. A lawyer also has the right to withdraw from a defense, but cannot do so at a crucial time for his client, and must imperatively give him all the documents in the case.