A criminal lawyer is the one who has specialisation in the defence for criminal activities. Such lawyers are hired by companies and even individuals who need protection against charges over them. He has to deal with issues like appeals, post-trial issues, sentencing, investigations and an arrest. The basic requirement is that such lawyers have to guide the client in issues of crime before and after the charges are filed against them. You can get further assistance from passi&patel lawyers brampton for any legal issues that you are facing.

Here is a checklist to be followed to make sure that the lawyer you are hiring will serve all your purposes. He should have a niche in his field and should not mislead you in any way. He should be your legal representative as far as criminal law is considered.

The law firm should be well advertised in a newspaper. This will give you a guarantee that the lawyer is good and famous in his field.

Searching criminal law firms online will also help you to know the available options in your particular area.

They act as defence lawyers or prosecutor so if you are an accused he will guide you in

legal matters and as public prosecutor assist the defendant when hired by the Government.

defence lawyers

You should search about the fees charged by him and accordingly select the one that

suits your budget.

Visiting the firm and collecting information before selecting him, will give you an idea

about his way of work and how far he can be trusted for such legal issues.

It may so happen that some legal practitioners have become famous due to their celebrity clients. Such firms may even charge you more due to their popularity. The above-given checklist might help you to find out a good defence person who is versatile with court systems. Due to his degree from a recognised institution and his practice over the years will make him effective in his operations.

 You should know what to check before appointing any practitioner to defend you. The following qualities should prevail so that he works smoothly as law varies from state to state.

Educational requirements

Good in communication

Skill to listen to client

Speak in public

Handle complex cases

Serve different kind of persons

Trained in paperwork

Drafting skills

Good negotiator


A lawyer has the skill to use various defences to accomplish his task. He should ensure that his client is either set free from the law or if found accused, he should be sentenced to the lightest punishment. Criminal charges may be serious or light, but still, the need to appoint a representative is evitable.

The appointed person will listen to your case details and note them down properly. A pre-trial investigation by him in the matter is of immense value as he can use it during court trials. Such cases are very lengthy and time-consuming. He should be available at the time of trials and give legal aid as and when necessary.

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