How Paralegals Can Help You to Sue in Small Claims Court

How Paralegals Can Help You to Sue in Small Claims Court

When you want to start a lawsuit in Small Claims Court, you must consider a few points if you want to win your case. The plaintiff (the person suing) needs to collect some information about the legal contracts and written agreements with the defendant and look for government registers whether the defendant is an individual, partnership, or a corporation. Then S/he should find out does the defendant still exists in the business? If yes, what is the exact name of the defendant? Paralegals in Toronto typically have the knowledge to pass all these processes. This explains why you should think about hiring a paralegal to start a lawsuit in Small Claims Courts.

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How the Amount of Compensation is Calculated?

The judge will ask you how much is the amount you want the defendant to give you, and you should provide a convincing reason to explain the way you have calculated this amount. You should also explain the reason for your claim even when it seems that you are no qualified for this amount of money.

For example, imagine somebody has used your photograph for advertising while they didn’t get your permission first, and their activities have caused damages to you. If you want to reach a reasonable amount of money, have research on similar cases and see how the judge has awarded the plaintiffs.

What Evidence Do You Need to Make Ready?

You must collect all essential facts and evidence for the court or ask a paralegal to collect them for you. Bringing all evidence and facts is not easy because you should be aware of all processes and procedures of Small Claims Courts. Paralegals pass courses related to Small Claims Courts and help you when you want to make out your claim. We should note that your facts and evidence must be related to your matter, and providing a lot of data will confuse the court.

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Try your best to have persuasive evidence. The judge will ask you for the proof when needed, and this is where you should have them to offer. If you tell the judge that you have spent some money that now the defendant refuses to pay it back to you, it won’t work and be sufficient.

A paralegal can prepare the plaintiffs’ basic legal supports when they want to present a claim in Small Claims Court. As we mentioned above, convincing reasons are required even for simple cases to explain your claim and why you deserve the amount of money.

It may happen that the plaintiff and defendant both agree on the facts, but they have a conflict on how the facts should be interpreted. In this case, call a paralegal and ask him to interpret the fact for you so that there is no dispute on the matter and you do not need to start your lawsuit in the Small Claims Court. Legal issues are always complicated, and to make the most out of them, one should gain enough information.