Mergers And Acquisitions Law Firm Hong Kong: Just Have A Look On Their Services

Mergers And Acquisitions Law Firm Hong Kong: Just Have A Look On Their Services

Are you looking for a public offering plus mergers and acquisition firm? Then first let’s acknowledge what these two terms mean. Public Offering is the process through which a private company turns into a public one by selling the financial instruments to the public for the purpose to raise the capital. There are two types of public offerings: Initial Public Offering and the Secondary Public Offering. IPO refers to the sale of shares for the first time by the private company to the public and the secondary public offering comes after IPO.

Initial public offering at Hong Kong

The hong kong initial public offerings are endowed by the well-experienced and skilled lawyers who have sound knowledge of almost all forms of public offerings as well as capital raising activities. Their corporate finance lawyers have experience in the arena of corporate financing, secondary offerings, dual listing, debt offerings, including initial public offerings. Their Hong Kong IPO service includes designing share incentive schemes, assisting in pre-IPO strategic corporate reorganizations, building up a family trust, preparing listing documents, facilitating legal due diligence, etc.
Moreover, their lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the debt market in Hong Kong. They can easily recognize, identify and realize any risks or opportunities at its beginning stage. You will get a piece of professional advice with these lawyers.

Acquisitions Law Firm Hong Kong

Mergers and Acquisition

The term Mergers and Acquisition refers to the consolidation of assets through different types of transactions such as tender offers, asset purchases, consolidations, and acquisition of management. This term is also used to describe the desks at financial institutions that used to deal with such activity. The terms “mergers” and “acquisition” are complementary to each other but have a very thin line differentiating them. When a company takes over another entity and places itself as the novel owner, the purchase is known as acquisition. On the other hand, a merger is a joining of two firms of the same size to grow further as an individual entity.

The mergers and acquisitions law firm hong kong provides one with their integrated service by working closely with other professionals to offer their clients with an amazing experience. The Hong Kong law firm is renowned and ranked in 2020 by Asialaw Profiles. They tend to advise their clients from a wide spectrum of industries.

Their lawyers understand their clients’ needs and businesses while applying their knowledge structuring and molding their M&A transactions. Their services cover targets such as securities, assets and debts or loans, public and private companies, wealth management, formation of funds, private equity and venture capital investments and a wide range of procedures such as legal due diligence, post-transaction integration as well as corporate governance.

With a thorough understanding of their clients’ needs and requirements, lawyers firm in Hong Kong provide their service efficiently and wisely.