Criminal Cases Are Fascinating To Follow And Argue

Criminal Cases Are Fascinating To Follow And Argue

While there are several branches of law is available for the people to take up. One branch is more interesting and demanding than any of the other branches of law. Criminal law is one of the most fascinating of all the laws and it demands a lot from the practicing attorneys. It requires them to put up lots of effort in putting up through the papers to make it strong defense especially if they are defending notorious people. Unless and until one has genuine passion for the criminal branch like Jeffrey Lichtman it is not easy to be the best in the business. As people know, there are several attorneys who practice the criminal law and it would be tough to retain the client base if you are not successful in the cases.

Analyze properly to break the case put by the opponents

When you are defending a person like El chapo who is the Mexican drug lord against the federal attorneys, you need to be on top of your skills to break the case and bring the accused person out of the case. In fact previously he has represented some of the mob boss like, John gotti jr in 2005 and Dr. Robert Rho in 2016. In the case of Mr Gotti, he has made him walk free from the charges of three murder conspiracy charges and security fraud charges.

Jeffrey Lichtman

According to him, every case is different and you are trying to break down the governments cases and in some cases he need to attack the witness to make the case go weak. As per him, a good defense lawyer is the one who is angry and he argues that there is no one called happy defense lawyer and win the cases.  So per his study, one has to be angry in order to win the cases for his clients.

He adds that attorney is the profession, in which one can stay happy if they take fewer cases and don’t get in to high profile crime cases.  But that’s not his philosophy. He is not afraid to take on the government in the cases involving the notorious criminals like drug lords, mob bosses etc. He is ready to fight anybody to save his clients. According to him, he is representing people who are unpopular and not liked by many. He never worries about how the people will think about him representing peoples who have directly or indirectly caused death of many people. But he cares only what the jurors think about the case and the arguments along with the documents he is put forwarding to them in the trial. He is ready to go extra mile to defend his clients.