Criminal Law in Germany: What to Do When Facing Criminal Charges

Criminal Law in Germany: What to Do When Facing Criminal Charges

This is going to be about criminal law in Germany when facing criminal charges. Germany’s legal system works differently than the United States system, the legal specialists that have studied usually in a fair agreement. It will go over courts/judges and rights/laws.

For anyone that becomes difficult in a legal proceedings, there are a numerous of different kinds of courts which could be heard by depending on the severity of the crime. Depending on the specific courts, a committee can be made up of a single judge or a unification of different judges. A minor case there may be only one judge presiding. A major case that the accused is facing heavy penalties there may be up to five different judges that hear the case. There are two different kinds of courts which are ordinary and specialized courts in Germany’s justice system. Ordinary courts will hear matters of civil, criminal, family and marriage laws. There are four different tiers of ordinary court which are local, regional, higher regional, and federal. Local courts have one judge that hear the case. Regional courts have up to three judges that hear the case. Higher regional courts have three to five judges that hear the case. Finally federal courts five judges that hear the case. Criminal cases will be authorized to any of the first three Courts before it gets to the last court. Civil matters are normally appointed to the first two Courts then goes to the last two if need be. Appeals go up to the two higher courts. Specialized courts have three different levels which are labor laws, social laws, and financial laws. Labor laws courts have three kinds of levels that hear cases that regard employment issues, working conditions like worker’s environment and any packaged bargaining agreements. Social law courts have three different levels and work with cases that are affected by the various social benefits which are to include unemployment payments, workers compensation claims and social security payments. Financial law courts have two different levels that mainly deal with tax issue cases. Any Constitutional law issues automatically goes to the Federal Constitutional Court.

Constitutional Court

When arrested, the authorities have to state that whatever you say can be used in court against you. Just like anywhere else if you don’t appear in court it is punishable. Drug offenses are considered serious crimes. Selling anything can carry a six month assurance under the law unless notably excluded from the purchase. Normal erosion or overuse of the item isn’t defected. Under German marriage law a party can’t get a divorce until thy have been disassociated with each other for one year. For some crimes probation can be from two years to five years for first offense. It is a crime for disrespecting the German flag, colors, coat of arms or the national anthem. If you insult an individual it’s a criminal offense especially if the individual is a licensed person like a judge, police officer, or lawyer while they act under their legal authority. Accused parties that are not German can and will take your passports to keep them from fleeing the country.

That was about criminal law in Germany when facing criminal charges. It went over courts/judges and rights/laws.