Transport for London polices (Complain)

Dear Mayor of London,

I’m a London taxi cab driver who’s sick and tired of the polices of the present management of transport for London and the PCO.

I am never consulted on any matter that concerns me or my trade and in fact kept ignorant of issues. For example nobody informed me that the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) Bill was placed again before Parliament, if it wasn’t for Mr Martin Lowe of Westminster City Council I would not have known anything about this bill and the proposed clauses relating to rickshaws/pedicabs.

Recently it has come to the attention of the taxi trade that the head of the transport operational command unit (TOCU) cannot control the behaviour of those that have been granted sub/satellite offices within the capital. Now if this is the case and I have no reason to believe otherwise I ask you to split the PCO in two and do what Alan Sugar does best and that is to fire those responsible for this most disastrous of polices. Hard working men and women are having to deal with touts on a nightly basis and these touts are licensed by you !

We have no ranks outside these venues, local councils fail to implement parking laws across the capital and the very right to “ply for hire” is at stake here. I personally ask you take charge and take the right action and end this nightmare and madness that has been created members of transport for London and the PCO.

I cannot and will not sit back and watch my industry torn apart by a group of people who had the cheek only a year ago to call me a tout and then apologise to me whilst I pick up the tab for the letters. Yet this same group can’t find the time to communicate with me and seek to work in partnership and solve the problems we face out here on the ranks, in the West End, in Battersea on a daily/nightly basis…

Yours Sincerely,


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  1. Matt says:

    If you cant handle the heat, get out the kitchen. Competition can only be good and monopoly is the opposite so pls dont blame your predicament on others.

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