Minicabs for hire outside clubs (Complain)

Dear John mason,

I am in receipt of a message from a member of your staff who informs me that it is ok for mini-cabs to be available for immediate hire outside bars and clubs that your compliance officers have visited and granted a sub/satellite office.

I am concerned that your officers did not take into account where these mini-cabs were going to wait and by granting licences at many bars and clubs throughout the capital you have in affect removed choice, reduced competition and certainly assisted in the formation of ranks of mini-cabs appearing outside these venues. It should be noted we have no ranks appointed outside many of these venues and it appears the PCO didn’t even consider in its wisdom offering the taxi trade a opportunity to service these many establishments

I’m also concerned that it appears you have not taken into account the relevant case law pertaining to “plying for hire” and would certainly be interested in any legal opinion you have taken from transport for London lawyers.

I would once again urge you and your colleagues to scrap this policy which is doing very little for the standing of the PCO with its many customers and stake holders.

Yours Sincerely,


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