Illegally ranked private licenced vehicles (Complain)

Dear John mason

I would like to bring to your attention the ongoing and ever increasing problem of licensed private hire vehicles ranking illegally all over the capital plus the ever increasing problem of licensed operators touting upon the pavements outside various venues that your office have issued a licence to.

Ever since the PCO/Tfl took away the requirement of planning permission for a operating centre it would appear that this problem as mushroomed out of control and it certainly seems to be the case that you do not have the correct amount of compliance officers in place to adequately control the illegal practises of many within the private hire industry ( mini-cabs ).

Your policy is creating congestion all over the West End of London and I’m afraid increasing the amount of illegal hiring’s within the capital, how can London’s taxi cab drivers serve the capital when the actions of the licensing authority create so many problems for my trade.

I would urge you to ;

(1) Bring back the requirement for planning permission for operating centres.

(2) Dramatically increase the number of enforcement/compliance officers to deal with the problem you ( PCO/TfL ) and the private hire industry have created ( hundreds required ).

(3) Seek urgent talks with Westminster City Council and ask them why they fail to move on illegally parked private hire vehicles.

I am sending a copy of this email to my member of parliament because I am concerned they passed a law to license mini-cabs and feel that the Private Hire Act of 1998 is not been implemented in a correct fashion, only recently a owner of one London’s biggest private hire companies felt the actions of the PCO/TfL had sent us all back a number of years.

Yours sincerely,


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