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From here you can copy and paste these e-mail templates to the various people below.

Don’t bottle it up, get it off your chest. On this page you will be able to find your local MP or other parties responsible/interested in London Taxis. You’ll also find some handy templates for common problems you may want to bring to their attention.

Contact your local MP



Templates for you to send to your MP. Email addresses and suggested recipiants are included with each letter.

Sign our petition to stop minicabs ranking up


** Other email addresses **

Just Say No ! by T Pipe.

Not happy with response from PCO  E-mail

Private hire driver parked on  a taxi rank

Public inquiry into the PCO

Westminster licence rickshaws

Illegal minicab touting in London

Allow taxis access to the Strand via Bus lane

Stop ticketing taxi-cab drivers who are ranking legally outside the venue Tiger Tiger

Cabbie Wife Killer

Green options for taxis

Problems outside the venue named Abacus on Cornhill EC3

Economic crisis & the London Paper

Taxi stand outside Tiger Tiger

Traffic problems around the Piccadilly Circus, Shaftesbury Avenue, and Coventry Street

M4 Buse lane and mini cabs

Transport for London No2 Bill

Minicabs for hire outside clubs

Transport for London polices

Clipboard operator outside club, Jalouse

Enhancements of Chancery Lane WC2

Illegally ranked private licenced vehicles

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