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Back again!

Hello everybody, I hope you are all well and earning enough.
Well I thought I’d pop in and update you all with whats been going on since my last visit.  I did buy a new cab, well new to me anyway.
I bought it from Ascotts who, I have to say, have been brilliant so far. I [...]


Not the best of days

Hi everyone
it’s been quite a while since I last blogged, not for not wanting to but really having Time to and to think through what to say, all my old blogs are just me rambling on and sorry this ones no better.
I’ve now been driving my cab for Just over 23 years and it’s [...]


Friday night in my cab

Hello everyone, hope your all well. 
I was just about to exit the st pancras renaissan hotel, when a very well dressed suited black man came running down the stairs, shouting you just nicked my job, I said sorry mate I didn’t see you. 
The problem is I did notice him because I parked right in- front [...]


Funny and sad while driving my cab

While sitting on the swallow Street rank, in the middle of Regent street, a young couple crossed the road to hail a taxi, then they realised I was waiting , so they came up to me and said, are you going this way, meaning, in the opposite direction to what I was facing. I said [...]


Beggars can’t be chossers 

I’d only just dropped Egerton place one end, twenty yards further along, to my surprise I saw someone walking down his stairs with his arm held high, shouting Taxi.

As he got in, he said that was lucky, I said lucky for me too.
He only went as far as the old Brompton road South Kensington,for the [...]


Another one bites the dust 

I’ve been driving Del Boys old V reg TX1 for the past 
5 years but now it’s time is up,on  the 24th of March it will go to the black cab grave yard.

The only reason del got rid of it was because he thought the gear box was knackered and on its way out, so he sold [...]


That time again.

Hello everybody, I hope you are all well and earning enough.
It’s been nearly 3 years since I decided to buy my cab and on the whole I have been very pleased with it.
But now that the warranty is running out I have decided to get another one.
The decision to do this was made a couple [...]


A very rude young lady

I just turned the corner into the Aldwych and was going to rank up outside the Me Hotel, I couldn’t get on the rank because of a parked Roller at the back but then a young girl flagged me down. After 3 slurred attempts to explain where she wanted, she got in.
Half [...]


You learn something new everyday

Well that’s what people say isn’t it?
What I learned yesterday is that I am not as perfect a cab driver as I thought I was,  let me explain.
As any of you that have followed this site from the early days will know I got my badge on 4th July 2002 and since then I have [...]


Blogging again

Hello everyone,
It’s been a long time since I last blogged so here goes.
I’ve been kept busy in a new relationship for the last couple of years, giving me no time to blog , along with any other excuse not too.
Chatting to my old mate Derek the other day, he told me he was going to [...]

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