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The talented Grapham Norton

money in hand, he was just about to leave my cab, when I asked if I could take his picture. What a nice guy.
He grew up as Graham Walker in Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.
First came to be noticed in the UK with his role as a Priest in the TV comedy series, “Father Ted” (1995).
Auditioned [...]


Saturday night calm and chaos

Hi everyone, While driving up Bayswater Road, I got flagged down by two ladies wearing pink wigs, they told me the first cab they tried to hail, took one look at them and drove straight past.
Come on guys, what’s wrong with these two lovely ladies.
I got chatting to them and they told me they were [...]


Queen look a like

I picked up Elizabeth Richard on Saturday night, she’s the Queen look a like.

British born Elizabeth, the same height as the Queen, is a perfect likeness of Her Majesty the Queen.
I picked her up at the Regents Parkl Hotel late Saturday night and took her home to Kennington.
She is a very lively, chatty 75 year [...]


Clara Mouriz

I picked up this young lady from Kings x stn and took her to Crawford st junc Gloucester pl. A very chatty young lady, one of the questions she asks me was how’s business my reply was not that brilliant with which she would reply I know how you feel it’s pretty much the same [...]


Stig Anderson

I picked up John Anderson from the B.M.I. awards and took him home to the Kings Road, on our way there we got chatting, I asked him what the award was for, he told me it was for Dancing- Queen one of many records of which his late Grandfather wrote for ABBA.
That being Stig Anderson

Be [...]


Harry Redknapp

Going back a while I picked up Harry redknapp and took him home to Hornchurch on the way there we where having a chat and Derek calls me, what a coincident being he is a Big Hammers fan. I can’t remember why Derek called but I told him that Harry was in the back [...]


Kings Cross to being cross

Sometimes you pick up a fare and you just know it’s going to go wrong.
I picked up this woman from Kings Cross station and she asked to go to Sussex Way. She even tells me it’s in N7. I didn’t know there was a Sussex Way in N7 so I did a check on the [...]


All in a days work

I picked up a young Lady in the city going to city airport on a pre-booked job.  she said she wanted to go to Kensington not the airport as she had forgotten her passport. As you can imagine she was getting worked up about missing her flight. When I pulled away I asked her what [...]


Whatever the weather

I know it’s not the most interesting subject. But you’ve got to admit it, it affects us all, to be honest I wouldn’t have bought my bloddy BBQ if I knew it was going to rain all Summer.
I picked up Piers Corbyn of he told me he predicted our crappy weather [...]


Peter Sallis

What a nice guy Peter Sallis is remember him ? “Last of the summer wine” etc.
I picked him up from Judd st, took him home to Hyde pk sq . Very easy to recognize and his voice was a dead givaway.

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