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London Black Taxi Cab Demo tout and illegal minicab evidence

This sort of thing goes on night after night,the evidence is there but the local authorities decide to ignore it. This is why this Demo is going ahead.
London cab drivers have had enough, we have literally sent thousands of E-mails and letters of complaint and evidence of illegal activity, to all concerned over the last [...]


Demo Demo Demo

I have been reliably informed that a large number of LCDC members will be joining the demo next Wednesday, regrettably independant from The Club.
It is the view of several members that in the absence of any positive action by the LCDC this situation, especially satilllite offices, cannot be allowed to continue.
The rules and regulations must [...]


Mass Drive-in Demonstration


The Hurlingham club success story

The Hurlingham club would like to thank all drivers that picked up Tuesday night 250 cabs were used by the club we covered 249. 1 went to the minicabs.
Between 8pm and 10:30 pm on Tuesday night the Hurlingham club needed taxis for a function of 900 people so security contacted  Lee aka @Leewd19 on Twitter, [...]


Hit on Embargos

This was the sight outside Embargos in the Kings road last Friday night.

As you can see from this photo we all lined up on the opposite side of the road, apart from a couple of cabs that managed to park outside their front door, then as the first cabs moved off  we would all move [...]


New Hope

27/03/2010 03:20
Just for a change I worked Saturday night, Normally the last Saturday of the month is the busiest but this wasn’t the case for me, it’s all down to luck. Later on in the night one of the drivers on Twitter got a call from the security at the Hurlingham club Ranelagh Gardens  sw6, [...]


Taxi marshalls at Tiger Tiger

As from Friday the 12th March 2010,
will be at Tiger Tiger in the Haymarket every Friday and Saturday night, between the hours of 10.00 pm to 3.00 am.
The Anderson Shelter would like to ask that all London taxi drivers, no matter which trade organisation they support, service this operation and ensure that we keep [...]


All because Abacus want free rides home.

This is what it looked like outside Abacus in the city last night, professional licensed taxi’s verses licensed and unlicensed minicabs.

We gathered in a location not to far from Cornhill,around 40 drivers from the LTDF and (TAG) Twitter action group,joined forces, when ready  they went round  in convoy to Abacus. When they arrived they [...]


Trouble at Abacus

You may have already heard that one of our colleagues was assaulted outside Abacus in Cornhill by a minicab tout in the early hours of Friday 5th Feb. I am sure that we all agree that this attack is a step too far.
Many drivers have been involved in the ‘Take the Work Back’ campaigns at [...]


Hits at Onanon and Abacus

Over the last couple of nights we’ve had two more successful hits, This one was outside Onanon,Wednesday night Thursday morning
We managed to stop the minicabs from taking any work for about two hours and there was a lot of work coming out. If only all the cabs that drive aimlessly around the capital night after night [...]

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