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Joint RMT & UCG Olympic lanes Demo in Parliament Square

London came to a complete standstill yesterday, as disgruntled cab drivers protested over the Olympic Lanes.
There were more then 200 cabbies blocking Parliament Square, as a relult of that, Whitehall,Trafulgar Sq,the Strand,Charring Cross Rd, Victoria St,Victoria Embkt, Mill Bank was completly screwed up. there must of been in the region of at least a good [...]


RMT wins victory fight against Rickshaws

RMT London taxi branch chalks up significant victory in fight against unlicensed and unsafe rickshaws.

I am glad to be able to report that RMT’s parliamentary group convenor, John McDonnell MP, has successfully objected to the TFL London Local Authorities Bill at its second reading, on the grounds that it would lead to the continued proliferation [...]


RMT demos and protests

In the last few weeks the RMT have had several demos and protests, starting with Windsor House Victoria Street.

Then a week later the RMT moved on to Palestra Houst The home of TFL our licencing body and where  John Mason Director of T/PH has is office.

A week later the RMT turned up at [...]


Demonstration outside the Palestra building

Wednesday the 25th of May there will be a  demonstration by the RMT London taxi branch,outside Palestra House 197 Blackfriars Rd,from midday to 14:00

Palestra house is where London taxi and Private hire are Licensed from.
This is where John Mason, head of T/PH has his office inside TFL’s office block, and this is why the RMT  [...]


Pedicabs and Clause 19…. by John Kennedy.

On Monday the 28th March the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) bill received its 3rd reading in the House of Lords and moved on the 29th to the House of Commons.

The RMT and its London taxi branch will petition against “clause 19″ of this bill for it seeks to create [...]


3rd United cabbies demo of 2010

On Wednesday 17th November 2010 the United Cabbies Group staged a drive-in demonstration at Oxford Circus.
This is the 3rd demonstration this year against Rapes and sexual assults.
At 3pm, thousands of London Taxis descended on Oxford Circus in protest against Satellite Offices which they believe are directly responsible for the alarming number of rapes and sexual [...]


3rd United cabbies demo of 2010 info


Campaign against Blacked out windows in minicabs

Campaign against Blacked out windows in Mini Cabs

The situation where a sexual predator can flick a switch and imprison a lone female in their PCO licensed minicab with blacked out windows has got to come to an end, it’s as simple as that.
Many years ago, it was deemed unfitting for London’s black cabs (Taxis) [...]


2nd United Cabbies Demo of 2010

June the 2nd and another successful demonstration , there must have been at least three thousand cabs passing through the Aldwych, as central London came to a complete standstill.
I joined the organizers at a meeting point just outside the Aldwych, when ready we set of and parked up between the Waldorf Hotel and the [...]


1st United Cabbies Demo of 2010

May the 26th a day to remember this is when London Cabbies from all our different trades joined forces and brought central London to a complete standstill.

Thousands of cab drivers and Knowledge boys and girls from all over London demonstrated in the Aldwych, they were protesting against the lack of enforcement by the  authorities and  [...]

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