Just Say No ! by T Pipe.

So by popular demand we are bringing back “carry on complaining” and we are going to ask you to contact by email the Mayor, his adviser on transport a Mr K ranger, your MP, MEP, London Assembly Member, local councillor, the transport commissioner (Peter Hendy) and yes the Secretary of state Steven Hammond MP too plus those wonderful people at the PCO.

So use the White box on Carry complaining home page to contact your MP, MEP, Local Councillors, London assembly member.The use the email addresses below to contact others. Boris Johnston, mayor@london.gov.ukHis advisor Kulveer Ranger, Kulveer.Ranger@london.gov.ukTransport commissioner Peter Hendy, peterhendy@tfl.gov.ukAnd Secretary of state Steven Hammond MP, secofstate@justice.gsi.gov.uk

Copy and paste the letter below or make your own but don’t do nothing at all.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you via email to express my concern at the possibility of an age

limit being introduced for London taxis. You should note that the Department of

Transport have no plans or policies regarding age limits and it appears they

understand that London taxis are a special category of vehicle and not a saloon car

that is mass produced.

Pollution is on the increase within central London because of the daft (not draft)

policies of Westminster City Council and Transport for London, just take a look at

the traffic congestion near Oxford and Piccadilly Circus and the state of the

traffic around Trafalgar Square. London isn’t working and TFL the licensing

authority for London’s taxis is not functioning properly even with an ex taxi driver

representative on the board who says virtually nothing on behalf of working London

taxi drivers.

I am opposed to any age limit on London taxis for TFL have had long enough to deal

with this issue and the makers of London taxis.

We need a public inquiry into TFL for this quango is failing the London taxi trade

and Londoners and if people are dying because of the bad air quality then those who

tell me/us what vehicle to drive need to be held to account for these “alleged”


Yours sincerely,

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  1. TX1fan says:

    thanks will print off later. perhaps we need to explain the funnel effect of pic circ haymkt an traf sq. “they may think these are isolated not combined”

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