Private Hire driver parked on a Taxi Rank.(Complain)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a Licensed Taxi driver.

On xxxxxxx at xx.xxpm, I tried to ply for hire on the Licensed Taxi rank in xxxxxxxxxx.

Unfortunately, I was unable to do so, due to the rank being occupied by a Licensed Private Hire driver, vehicle registration number XXXXXXXX.

In light of the PCO issuing Notice 07/09, I am sure you will agree this is unacceptable behaviour for a Licensed Private hire driver.

And there can be no justification for such actions.

This incident highlights the problem Taxi drivers face on a daily/ nightly basis.

The attitude of this driver clearly illustrates, that they have a total disregard for the laws that they are governed by.

The PCO notice was supposedly released, to inform PH drivers that they are by no means allowed to wait on a Taxi rank. The notice went on to inform PH driver of the consequences should they choose to do so.

In conclusion, I can see no reason why the £2500 penalty should not be applied to this driver.

I look forward to you reply

Yours faithfully,


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2 Responses to “Private Hire driver parked on a Taxi Rank.(Complain)”

  1. Alishabrown says:

    I also feel that this is really bad on its part. The driver should be charged £2500 penalty.

  2. scott says:

    I think £2500 it is very huge amount to be paid . There should be some relaxation in the amount of fine or the person should be made understood once for the guilt he has made .I feel so this way .

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