M4 Buses Lane & minicabs (Complain)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am led to believe that an operator of a well known mini-cab company instructed via letter his drivers to break the law by using the M4 bus lane between junctions 3 and 1 on the eastbound carriageway.

I am therefore asking you as the licensing authority to investigate this allegation and take appropriate action if this is proven.

Yours Sincerely,

PS the company in question is called Addison Lee.


Email to

TFL commissioner Peter Hendy…..peterhendy@tfl.gov.uk

Head PCO John Mason—johnmason@tfl.gov.uk


Ass head PCO Mary Dowdye..Mary.Dowdye@tfl.gov.uk

TFL/PCO, MD David Brown…DavidBrownMD@tfl.gov.uk

Licensing Enforcement Manager Peter Palmer…Peter.Palmer@tfl.gov.uk

Boris Johnston; ….mayor@london.gov.uk

Ranger Kulveer, mayor’s director of transport ..Kulveer.Ranger@london.gov.uk

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