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Back again!

Hello everybody, I hope you are all well and earning enough.

Well I thought I’d pop in and update you all with whats been going on since my last visit.  I did buy a new cab, well new to me anyway.

I bought it from Ascotts who, I have to say, have been brilliant so far. I haven’t had too many problems with it but those that have occurred Ascotts have dealt with them straight away and  all under their superb warranty.

I did have an accident last year on the Commercial Rd. A car driven by a young lad,  did a U turn in front of me and parked in the kerb but as I passed him he pulled staight out into the side of the cab and damaged the whole of the nearside.

Having had dealings with insurance companies in the past I wasn’t looking forward to reporting this one but after looking at the video footage of the accident the third parties insurance company paid up for my damage within 2 weeks and I was back in my cab. It’s a shame my insurance company weren’t able to deal with the loss of earnings claim as efficiently!

I know that the traffic and the rise of certain mini cab apps have been making our working environment a bit of a challenge but I am still meeting my targets most nights and I have noticed that I have not had to deal with the usual late night drunks and vomiters,  in fact I have seen an awful lot of people hanging out of Toyota Prius windows leaving their lunch in their wake! Every cloud has a silver lining. 

Obviously I have had my fair share of dodgy and interesting jobs since my last visit but as I’m posting this from my phone I’ll wait until I get on the pc at home before I bore you all with them. 

Well that’s enough for today, hopefully I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Delboy. 

Posted by derek on June 28, 2016.

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