Friday night in my cab

Hello everyone, hope your all well. 
I was just about to exit the st pancras renaissan hotel, when a very well dressed suited black man came running down the stairs, shouting you just nicked my job, I said sorry mate I didn’t see you. 

The problem is I did notice him because I parked right in- front of him to drop someone off. right outside the front door, as my punter payed me off, this guy came up to me and asked for a quote to Waterloo. I told him about £20 give or take a few bob.
Me not thinking and getting totally side tracked, I let him and his young partner get in the back.
he started the Conversation off by saying I’m sixty and I don’t look it do I.
What am I going to say to that. 
I said no sir you look good, of course I was lying through my back teeth, I’m sixty and he looked a good 70.
Anyway, going back to where I was leaving the hotel with them in the back, the other cab driver turned back towards the hotel saying, you’ve now got them in the back so you might as well carry on. 
I said no and explained to my punter what I did, he said no problem and they got out. The other driver must have said something to him and made his way round to pick them up at the bottom of the stairs.

I’m now leaving the Renaissance hotel and making my way towards the Mondrian hotel in upper ground because I saw through the cabbies Twitter feed, UCGup that there was work there, it wasn’t a straight forward drive because Farringdon road was blocked south bound junction with clerkenwell road, so I diverted through Smithfield market.
As I’m driving up Long lane, south side of Smithfield market, a cab in front of me pulled up to let his punter out, then to my surprise someone else gets in, I pulled up next to him and said I was behind you with my light on, he apologised and he must have explained to his punter what was happening, she got out and into my cab, I thanked the driver and drove off.
On my way back from the Smithfield job, three foreign looking guys stopped by Edgware Road station and said take us to the Whitehouse hotel, pointing in the rough direction, I told them I know where it is, so off we go.
While heading up the Marylebone road towards the hotel, one of them said stop, your going the wrong way, I said I think you better show me exactly where it is you want. 
I turned back as instructed towards the Edgware Road, reset me meter, they then they told me it was in Norfolk place.
I dropped them at a completely different named hotel and said I thought you wanted the White House hotel, they pointed back down the road towards a white building and said that’s it. 
I started Friday night tired and didn’t really feel like working but came out anyway, bills to pay. As the night went on, I was relaxed and laid back and felt quite comfortable, I made a few mistakes of which I put down to being tired. 
It’s now 03.35 on a Saturday morning and I’m off home before the Sun rises, I’ll get a few hours sleep and up a 10 to take my boy somewhere. 
Night all and be very lucky. 

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  1. jancy says:

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  2. albert says:

    This post is very informative and thank you for sharing information.

  3. Ade Cochrane says:

    Thanks Steve i really know how you feel when you say that you’re out in the cab without really feel like working, just to pay the bils, I feel like I’m doing that most of the time at the moment out all night behind the wheel with very little to show for it at the end of today but hey reading your little titbits and stories keeps me going through the early hours. Well done Steve that’s great stuff :)
    Cheers Ade

  4. Mike says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing such interesting post.

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