Funny and sad while driving my cab

While sitting on the swallow Street rank, in the middle of Regent street, a young couple crossed the road to hail a taxi, then they realised I was waiting , so they came up to me and said, are you going this way, meaning, in the opposite direction to what I was facing. I said any way you like sir. They only wanted Cockspur street,they were a really nice couple. He was slightly more intoxicated then his partner. When we arrived at their destination, I asked for the money and said to him, have a good night. God knows why I said that, after all it was two in the morning,something I alway say tho. He said to me with a smile don’t worry I will, I said I can see why, good night. His partner was gorgeous.

My next piece isn’t quite as cheerful, I was driving up the Mile End road E1 when someone flagged me down. I asked where too, he said Stoke Newington please, so four guys jumped in the back of me cab and said there’s a fifth person to pick up, 
So I wound down me rear window so they could call him over, he was on the opposite side of the road, I couldn’t stay where I picked them up because the lights were just about to change, so I told them to let his mate know that I’ll pull up in Cambridge Heath road and wait there. Their mate was on the phone and not paying to. much attention to their instructions, not looking properly to where he was running, he ran straight into the path of a passing car, it took him about 20yards up the road before he fell to the ground, lucky he got straight up, his friends in the back were stunned and didn’t get out straight away, so I shouted at them to go and see if there mate was ok, they All ran towards him along with the car driver that hit him and helped him to the pavement, where they sat him down.
My next piece made me smile. 

I pick a middle aged couple in Oxford street, she ask me to go to Conway house in Red Lion Square WC1, so off we go, I managed to get £4 on my meter before they asked me to stop the cab, she told me they are going to a party and they are a month early, her partner said to her, I’ll remind you of this one day. I had to laugh and said to the guy, you better make a note in your diary mate, he agreed.
That’s my lot for now, Be Lucky and if in doubt, keep em out.

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  1. Sophia Katt says:

    Increasingly deranged militant London cabbies are taking to Twitter to shame other taxi drivers who dare to use the Uber app in order to drum up more work. Uber, the phone app that allows users to order a private driver at the click of the button, have offered an olive branch to black cabs, whose business they have been eating into, by allowing them to sign up to Uber and receive ride requests.

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