Beggars can’t be chossers 

I’d only just dropped Egerton place one end, twenty yards further along, to my surprise I saw someone walking down his stairs with his arm held high, shouting Taxi.
As he got in, he said that was lucky, I said lucky for me too.
He only went as far as the old Brompton road South Kensington,for the grand total of £4.60.
Work is hard to find at the moment so beggars can’t be choosers  I only wish it was always like that to drop and pick up straight away, it only happens occasionally
He was a really nice guy and explained to me he regularly uses Hailo and said why wait outside in the rain or cold when you can quite simply order a taxi from the comfort of your living room.
I couldn’t have agreed more and told him Hailo charge us a percentage and there is a chance you might be sent a mini cab one day.
I said its always best for cabbies when you hail us in the street but if you have to why not try our new forthcoming Maaxi app and TaxiToo app, he said he would take a look.
My next job was slightly more profitable.
I just pulled up near the junction of Hollywell lane and Curtain road to text someone.
there were 4 or 5 guys,  I wasn’t paying to much attention, before I could finish what I was doing, one of the guys came over to me and asked for L’anima cafe in worship street,  Before I could point him in the right direction,  the others were already getting in the back of me cab. So I drove all the 100 yards to worship street, then someone shouted there it is, jokingly I said, that’ll be a fiver each.
As I pulled up outside and stopped the meter, there was the grand total of £2.60 on it, I said you can have this one on me guys but before the last guy got out, he shoved a fifty pound note in my hand and said give me £40 please, me being the softie I am, I said are you sure, he said yes and thank you for being a nice guy, I said thank you very much and have a good night, as I pulled away, I noticed one of his buddies chatting and looking at him as if to say, why did you do that.
I carried on working the city and driving round in circles past the clubs and bars, I ended up in Great Eastern street, so I thought I’d pop round to worship street and double check the name of that cafe I dropped at earlier,
I pulled up opposite and started writing it’s name down when, you guessed it, those same guys I dropped earlier were standing on the pavement waiting for a passing cab, when they saw it was me they burst into fits of laughter, I said jokingly not you lot again. This time they wanted another bar and again I haven’t heard of it but they told me it was 23 Paul street. Not  having enough time to check me A to Z it was time to think fast and drive to where I thought it was, I was right,
As I drove up Paul street, I must have passed it, so I reversed back and found it.
This time I felt a little bit more awkward after their generosity last time, I had £7.60 on the meter but asked for a fiver,he said to me, we’re only going to be about an hour would you like a to take all of us to different places in Essex, without hesitation I said I don’t mind, so I gave him my mobile number.
They didn’t call back but you never know, one day.
Be Lucky guys and keep those doors locked.

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  1. dave says:

    I do hope you picked up the 20 per head. New customers only. If you don’t like hailo. Why not rejoin and every time you get a job hand them a ten pounds off get taxi card.

  2. Subhas says:

    Evyenore would benefit from reading this post

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