Another one bites the dust 

I’ve been driving Del Boys old V reg TX1 for the past 
5 years but now it’s time is up,on  the 24th of March it will go to the black cab grave yard.
The only reason del got rid of it was because he thought the gear box was knackered and on its way out, so he sold it to Hexagon and then rented it back of them, then after six months he decided to upgrade to a TX2 that’s when I took it over, it had another engine put in roughly  just over  a year ago.

All this time Hexagon Taxis
managed to keep the original gear box going, that was until recently. They were going to scrap the cab early but decided against it and put a second hand gear box in. I can only assume they did this because they couldn’t replace the cab with another one.
They’ve now got a further 8 days to find me another cab, preferably a w reg tx1, otherwise it will have to be a tx2, because me being the tight arse I am, there’s no way I want to pay another £50 a week for a tx4 and end up paying more to the tax man.

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  1. Dorcia says:

    These pieces really set a standard in the inrytsdu.

  2. Okay, this is slightly funny… I thought that I was clicking one of my bead links because of the pill wheel.. lol.. I got to your page and was confused for a second! lol… Good info though!!

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