A very rude young lady

I just turned the corner into the Aldwych and was going to rank up outside the Me Hotel, I couldn’t get on the rank because of a parked Roller at the back but then a young girl flagged me down. After 3 slurred attempts to explain where she wanted, she got in.

Half way there she asked if she could pay by card, I said she could, then she said you won’t charge me £10 extra like other drivers will you, I said surely you mean 10% not pound, no reply,so I just carried on.

When We approached her Road, I checked my mirror to ask what number she wanted, she just woke up and told me no 12, so I pulled up outside, after what felt a lot longer then 5 minutes, I asked her what she’s doing, she said she’s trying to find her card, then she said how much does she owe me,I told her £26.60, she said she got in with her card but can’t find it.

After waiting a further 5 minutes while she’s fiddling around in her bag, now looking for her house keys, she looked out the window and said, I told you I live at no 37, with that she says do you want me to leave my phone on your back seat while I go and get your money, I said yes please. I thought that makes a change for someone to offer.

I followed behind her while she walked up to her house and I waited in the middle of the road. She couldn’t have found her house key because she had to knock on the door, when someone let her in, which was most probably her mum, they had a few words, then the lady asked me where I picked her up from. I’m now thinking she will want to complain that I’m ripping her daughter off. I said does that matter and told her ive been waiting nearly15 minutes for her to find her card and house keys.

They both walked back inside and I could here them arguing, a few moments later the very rude drunk girl came out and handed me £20, I said you still owe me £6.60, back in she goes and out they both came. I reckon the mum had a word because instead of being just plain rude, she’s now said in a
sarcastic manner while handing me the rest of my money, make sure you give me the correct change. As I did she said your just a peasant,I said and your a very rude adolescent kid. With that I pulled off.

There’s only one thing I regret and that’s stopping my meter before I got paid and of course, picking her up.

Thank god she’s gone. I can now move on to hopefully better mannered passengers.

That’s all for now, be lucky and keep those doors locked

3 Responses to “A very rude young lady”

  1. Simco says:

    It helps to get things of your chest.
    Beauty of our job is that the people you would like to avoid next day are going to walk in through office door every morning but you will not be there having to suffer them.
    Love reading your blogs and its great you are back sharing your thoughts.

  2. Jancy says:

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  3. jack says:

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