You learn something new everyday

Well that’s what people say isn’t it?
What I learned yesterday is that I am not as perfect a cab driver as I thought I was,  let me explain.
As any of you that have followed this site from the early days will know I got my badge on 4th July 2002 and since then I have tried to be the best cab driver I can. I always try to observe the cabbie code and never pick up near a rank if there is a cab on point.
Yesterday l grabbed a cuppa and a roll in the piccolo then went to look for somewhere to eat it.
I came up to the Hilton park lane rank and there were only 3 cabs on it, so I put on behind and there I sat for 5 minutes or so  while I ate my food.
When the cab on point pulled off I started to pull up when a cab pulled along side and tooted his horn.
“Were you on the  rank down there? ”
He asked, while pointing over his shoulder towards Hamilton place.
“No” I replied.
“Well that’s the feeder rank for this one” the other cabbie replied.
So I apologised and pulled away feeling like a butterboy on his first day.
The  only excuse for my fupar is that I have nearly always worked nights and most nights that rank  is full of cabs that are empty while the drivers have gone to lunch. And as I generally don’t rank up there I honestly didn’t realise that it was a feeder for the Hilton.
So if you were on the feeder yesterday,  Tuesday  24th,  please accept my apologies for my mistake and I will be more careful next time.
Be lucky and I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Delboy.

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  1. Good article all the details are very clear.

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