Blogging again

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I last blogged so here goes.

I’ve been kept busy in a new relationship for the last couple of years, giving me no time to blog , along with any other excuse not too.

Chatting to my old mate Derek the other day, he told me he was going to start blogging again from his smart phone, directly onto the site and how could he.

Being he doesn’t have administrative rights to do that, I told him about the word press app and that he could write and publish from it and that’s exactly what he did and by doing so he has given me the incentive to start blogging again.

I picked up this middle aged American guy in Mayfair and he asked to be taken to St George’s wharf on the Wandsworth road.
I said no problem but you didn’t have to tell me what street, he said he disagreed and said that he uses a lot of cabs and in the last few weeks no one knew where St George’s wharf was, he also went on to say, he reckons he must have used at least 12′000 cabs in his life time.

As he Paid me off and tried to leave, he couldn’t find the door handle, I really wanted to say, you sure 12,000 cabs but didn’t.

Last night was one of those nights you wished you stayed at home.

Nearly 13 hours door to door, it was hard graft, after about 11pm the quality of work was better but the type of people in the back of me cab took a nose dive, pissed and indecisive.

It’s now 2.30 am and I’m
On my way home thank god, I kept me hire light on as I drove up Camden high St, I stopped at a red light, someone banged on the side window, as I wound the window down he grunted something that only Godzilla would understand, no way was he getting in the back.

That’s all for now, keep your eyes open and doors locked and be lucky.

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  1. Grek says:

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