Boris Johnson wishes Cabbies to Jump of Tower Bridge

Talking about taxi drivers who protested over Olympic lane restrictions, he said:

“The taxi drivers were blockading the West End. One of them actually handed the keys of his cab to a police guy and jumped off Tower Bridge. I wish some of the others could have done the same frankly but never mind.”

For a Mayor of London to call for taxi drivers to throw themselves off a bridge is pretty remarkable.

Especially considering how badly relations between City Hall and many cabbies have deteriorated in recent years.

When Labour’s mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone cracked a joke about hanging bankers during the election campaign all hell broke loose.

Yet when the current Mayor of London tells cabbies to throw themselves off a bridge, it’s barely even reported.

The press often talk about Boris “getting away with murder” as if it’s a natural law, rather than a direct result of them letting him get away with it.

His drown-a-cabbie comments are just one small but telling example.

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  1. angela says:

    your article is a bit misleading. The cabbie jumped off Tower Bridge deliverately in protest, which was a pretty silly thing to do.


    There have been rumours on the internet it was a suicide attempt, that is totally wrong, it was a protest and a daft and irresponsible action.

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