Sound Taxi turns London noise into real time music

A touring taxi which turns London street noise into real time music has been exploring the capital’s streets.

The Sound Taxi has been modified with specially fitted speakers and microphones to pick up and record the London buzz.

It feeds cockney chatter or noise from loud Londoners into software which turns it into live music played through the cab’s collection of 67 loud external speakers as it drives through the streets of London.

The musical black cab is the brainchild of sound artist and designer Yuri Suzuki who collaborated with headphone developer AiAiAi for the project.

‘What’s interesting is the reactions are different depending on what area you’re driving in,’ AiAiAi representative Tobia Holz told Wired.

‘We had the most engaging reactions in the Hackney area, with bus drivers stopping, opening their windows and shouting “does it play reggae?”‘

He added: ‘Round Mayfair you get a lot of puzzled looks and also a lot of smiles, but it’s not as enthusiastic. It’s a bit more reserved.’

The recorded tunes will eventually be uploaded onto Suzuki’s official website, while the designer also plans to use the Sound Taxi as part of a live performance.

Source Metro

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