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Joint RMT & UCG Olympic lanes Demo in Parliament Square

London came to a complete standstill yesterday, as disgruntled cab drivers protested over the Olympic Lanes.

There were more then 200 cabbies blocking Parliament Square, as a relult of that, Whitehall,Trafulgar Sq,the Strand,Charring Cross Rd, Victoria St,Victoria Embkt, Mill Bank was completly screwed up. there must of been in the region of at least a good few thousand cabs that were stuck trying to get to Parliament Sq.

Cabbies are not happy with not being able to use some of the nearside Olympic lanes to pick up their passengers and this demo was a result of that.

The UCG & RMT will be having two more demo’s, one on the day of the Olympic opening the 27th of July.

Side by side The United Cabbies Group and the RMT stand united.

There were dozens of film crews and free lance photographers from around the world.

Taxis were nose to tail, lining the streets, all with there for hire signs lit,as the Police helicopter hovered above.

Even a traffic warden had time to take down a few notes

Good to see  a cabbie wearing his RMT/UCG Landyard and chilling out.

Holding a rare copy of the cabbies Olympic rule book.

Time to catch up with the  latest gossip with some old biker friend and colleagues.

Reading latest issue of the UCG mag, you notice I said reading and not browsing through, as some might do in another Taxi mag.

Mick, Tony and colleague having a chin wag

Being diverted towards Millbank

Add some glammer with cabbie Sam and that completes our Demo.


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  1. Aage says:

    Good luck!!
    Keep on the good work
    Greeting from friends in Norway!!

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