London Cabbies take war vetrans to Holland

The union Jack club was one of the pick up points for taking  second world War vetrans to Holland.

Al Murray cracking a joke outside the Union Jack club, where one of 80 Taxis waited to take war vetrans to the Netherlands.

The above picture is at Waterloo Bus Garage,round the corner to the Union Jack club where they kindly let cabbies park up, while the press took photes.

Boris Johnson was there, on his final day of election campaign  posing with some War Vetrans, before waving them off to the Netherlands

Standing proud James Baker from Blackpool, was one of many ww2 vetrans having photes taken, before being taken to holland.

160 Second World War veterans set off in a convoy of black cabs from the UK to the Netherlands where they will be guests of honour during the country’s national liberation day celebrations on 5 May.

The convoy has been organised by the London Taxi Benevolent Association for the War Disabled who assembled a line-up of taxis in Waterloo Bus Garage on Cornwall Road on Wednesday afternoon as part of the send-off from the nearby Union Jack Club.

The participating veterans are aged between 85 and 94 and this may be their final chance to meet up with surviving Dutch comrades and celebrate the historic union between British and Dutch armed forces which led to the liberation of the Netherlands in 1945.

“This once-in-a-lifetime journey is a unique opportunity for us to help celebrate and pay respect to the unique bond forged between Holland and Britain during World War II,” says Richard Hudd, chairman of the London Taxi Benevolent Association for the War Disabled.

“Everyone at the charity was so eager to get involved and give something back, from the cabbies giving up their time and fares to the volunteers who work tirelessly around the clock to collect donations.

“We are confident this trip will be an amazing experience for the vets and demonstrate the amount of support and admiration the public still hold for our old war heroes.”

The Mayor of London, in one of his final pre-election engagements, was joined at the event by comedian Al Murray.

Boris Johnson added: “A procession of London taxis driving through the Netherlands on this epic journey of remembrance will truly be an amazing sight!”

Source London se1


3 Responses to “London Cabbies take war vetrans to Holland”

  1. Dave says:

    Great to see the Cabbies doing another good deed. This is a side that is often forgotten – Variety and plenty more trips for the needy, unfortunate or just (as in this case) heroes that society has conveniently forgotten about.

  2. My Blog says:

    Hello Steve,
    These are the words received by many families in the uk from the War Office:

    On behalf of the Officers and men of my Company I wish to offer you my sincere sympathy in the bereavement you have sustained in the death of your husband. I feel that you would like to know that your husband had the goodwill & esteem of all his comrades & his loss was felt with general sorrow by the Company.

    Yesterday dross of the class that defined us as expendable.

    Read my blog, and as corny as may seem I will expand and extrapolate on the misgivings of the people that claim to hold our backs and their false support of our vetrans !


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