Free Cycle lessions for London’s Cabbies

David Dansky, Head of Training & Development at Cycle Training UK

David Dansky, Head of Training & Development at Cycle Training UK.

David is offering free training to London’s cabbies.

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and I know a few cabbies who do just that.

The first 20 Cab drivers who take up david’s offer will get cycle training absolutly free. Contact their office on 0207 231 6005 or via their website at www.cycletraining.co.uk

Don’t critize cyclists, try and understand them more and why not take up David’s offer and understand why cyclists act the way they sometimes do.

I for one would not cycle on the streets of London, I find it to dangerous.

If the next Mayor properly segregates all the cycle lanes then I might consider using one of the Barclay’s hire bikes, until that moment, i’m staying well clear.

Come on all you keep fit cabbies, why not give it a go and take up David’s offer, you with 9 other cycleists will have a 3 and a half hour lesson awareness course.

You can also contact your local council and request a lession from from them, also at a reduced price.

For info on the goverments cycle highway code, click on the link. Directgov

Contact:  0207 231 6005 or www.cycletraining.co.uk

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