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Free Cycle lessions for London’s Cabbies

David Dansky, Head of Training & Development at Cycle Training UK.
David is offering free training to London’s cabbies.
Cycling is a great way to keep fit and I know a few cabbies who do just that.
The first 20 Cab drivers who take up david’s offer will get cycle training absolutly free. Contact their office on 0207 [...]


The London taxi trade where do we stand.

Taxi Apps
Over the past few months, I have been using five different taxi apps, some offering more work then others, I’m not here to advise you which ones are better then others but to suggest,like me to give them all a try, admittedly most are corporate, with big money being spent on them,
Apart from [...]


A word of admiration for the London cabbie

Tower Bridge Road to Soho, Morning rush hour. I could give you *my* route for the journey and it would be efficient enough; non-Londoners riding with me would admire how I found destination “D” from starting point “X” through the maze of streets. But my cabbie was something special; choosing Southwark Bridge was a Masterpiece, [...]


Ken Livingstone says that corporate hangers-on at the Olympics should use Black cabs

Ken Livingstone has promised a rapid overhaul of the Olympic Route Network if he wins the mayoral election, fuelling fears of some International Olympic Committee members and London 2012 insiders that Games preparations may be turned upside down.
Livingstone said in the mayoral debate this week: “It is ridiculous that corporate hangers-on at the Olympics will [...]

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