L.T.D.A & the UCG

Hello everybody I hope you are all well and earning enough.
I have been back at work for a week and a bit and the “kipper season” has certainly arrived! I know it happens every year but it always takes me by surprise,maybe when I’ve been driving a cab for another 10 years I’ll get used to it.
In my last post I said I was looking at going back to being an owner driver but after looking around,and having a minor breakdown at the state of some of the cabs people are advertising as VGC I’ve decided to keep renting. I spoke to Jason at Hexagon and told him that rather than leave them I now want to upgrade to a newer cab! So hopfully I,ll be the driver of a nice young black TX2 in the near future.
While I’m on the subject of renting I’ll do a bit of free advertising for my garage. Recently I’ve spoken to a few drivers that have had to make the decision to change their old Fairways owing to the new age limits that TFL have imposed and ,even though I feel that it’s time for the old girls to be pensioned off, I do feel sorry for them. So if you are one of those people that are affected by this new legisation and want to stay with the fairways for a bit longer give Hexagon a call as they have had all of theirs plated and are now looking for some new drivers, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the reception that you’ll get from them.
Advert over now back to my ramblings. I recently had to call the LTDA owing to a dispute with a punter that tried to bilk me,the details of this incident are in my recent post called “a long time coming”. Anyway when I called them I described what had happened and asked for their advice as to how to proceed,hoping to hear that they would look into things for me. But I was surprised to be told that I was an idiot for leaving the cab to pursue the bilker and was also told that I should perhaps be more careful as to who I picked up! So after a bit of deliberation I’ve decided to leave and try one of the other trade associations. I was looking at taxi drivers legal protection,that Steve has put a link to on this site,but I couldn’t find a phone number to contact them on & being an old fart I like to talk to people rather than do things on line. So I was about to try the LCDC when I came across an advert for the UCG legal scheme that is advertised in their current trade paper
so I gave them a call ,left a message and was contacted 24 hours later,while I was writing this blog, by a pleasant sounding chap called Lee. After a long chat and hearing the services provided I have decided to sign up with them. The scheme doesn’t start until Febuary but if you feel that you aren’t getting the service that you need from your trade assosiation then give the UCG a call. You never know you may like what you hear.
Another thing that I have been giving some thought to is the idea that cabs will now need to be mot’ed at an mot station twice yearly,rather than at SGS. Now I know that SGS and in the past the PCO have not been perfect,far from it on occasion, but it does worry me that when we can take our cabs to any garage to be checked over we may end up with a falling standard. Now I know that there will be a lot of you shouting at the screen saying that I don’t know what I’m talkng about but just think about this. I recently took my sons car to be moted at our local garage.
It’s a garage that I use for my car and; my wifes car,so I know the owner well enough to pass the time of day with. We talk about football and the terrible events at Spurs,I mean I thought that Harry was there to take them down to the lower leagues,not have them challenging for the champions league! So it was with surprise that when I went to pick my sons car up I was told that there were a couple of little issues with it. The worse was a delaminated number plate and a blocked washer jet but the tester had passed it saying “I know you’ll get these sorted so I’ve issued the ticket anyway”
We did take the car away and get the things sorted but as most of you reading this will know,there are people out there that wouldn’t bother, and there are garages that will decide to become mot stations so that they can issue their own tickets for their own cabs. And if TFL decide that this isn’t allowed who’s to stop them getting together with another friendly garage and doing each others inspections. I will admit that this is just my thoughts on this issue, but as someone that pays a lot of money renting a cab I want to make sure that is is carefully checked over by an independant person not by somebodys mate who will let the little things go.
Well thats me done for now, I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Del Boy.

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