January Blues

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas and new year, as you probably well know by now I spent my Xmas and new year in Brazil,there was only one regret and that was it didn’t last long enough, now my batteries are charged, I’m ready to put in a few hours overtime,if only it was worth it.

This is my first  day back since the 19th of December, I picked up my cab at Hexagon taxis and started work around 4pm, work was good, I managed to earn more money up to my break at 9pm  then before my Holiday, afterward was a different storie though, between 22:30 and midnight I did one job and that ended up at Victoria, I keep me hire light on all the way back to Hackney and not a sniff of a job, thats it, my first night back and a early night, I dread the end of the month, I’ll owe Hexagon 4 weeks rent, along with the mortgage and January’s tax bill, I love the job when we’re busy but when it’s like this, all doom and gloom, it gets pretty tough trying to pay the bills.

If any of you are wondering why I’m not answering me phone, thats because I tried restoring me phone and it all went wrong, after about the fifth attempt I managed to get it running but still can’t find me contacts, so if any of you are wondering why I not calling you, thats the reason why.

On a lighter note

While parked up, drinking me latte and munching on a ginger snap, I noticed a pair of legs sticking out of the cab, in-front of me, he did get some strange looks from people passing by.

It did look strange, he was actually doing some sort of exercise, well it takes all sorts.

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