Green ID markers

Hello everybody I hope you are all well and earning enough. I have just recieved the new mini cab,sorry Taxi driver ID markers that I’m supposed to fit in the front and rear windows of my cab and I can’t help feeling that they look very much like the identifying badges that are fitted in the windows of mini cabs.
I will get round to putting them in the windows,well I have got to haven’t I,but I don’t remember anybody asking me for my opinion. The thing that worries me is that any person that has a mind to can just take your badge number and make a complaint to TfL. I know that this is unlikely,but having beeen on the receiving end of a baseless complaint it is a bit of a worry. The other thing that I have noticed is that cabs with liveries that cover the rear windows obscure the rear label/badge/sticker or whatever it is called,very much like the way that you can’t see the little badges on the rear windows of mini cabs that have blacked out windows.
Meanwhile in my world I have been thinking of going back to being a owner driver. I have been renting for a couple of years now and have loved the freedom of not having to worry if the cab goes wrong and would recommend my garage,Hexagon, to anyone thinking of going down the renting route. But I have had the longing for a newer cab and have decided to see what it will cost. Theres nothing set in stone yet but I have started to get some prices.
At the weekend I saw a piece in the paper about Diane Abbott, now I know that this story has been done to death but you have to wonder how somebody with her attitude can hold on to a place in parliament.
I often get asked,when people find out I drive a cab,why they can’t get one when they need it. But when I ask if they look to make sure that the light is on and the driver hasn’t already got a fare,or tell them that they have to make sure thay don’t try to hail a cab when they are standing at a place where a cab can’t stop, I;E red route,bus stop etc or even make sure they aren’t with somebody that is so pis%^d and covered in their own lunch that they need hosing down,they look at me as if I’m mad.
Another thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of cabs have now had the new chip & pin credit card machines fitted and they all seem to have a telly screen fitted in the back of the cab,it seems that a lot of drivers or punters don’t like them as they seem to be covering them with coats etc. Now I know that Radio Taxis will be fitting all their fleet with these bits of kit in the next few months and therefore I’ll be getting one. I do hope that they come with an on/off switch as some of the things that I have seen going on in the rear of my cab are best kept in the dark!
Well thats me done for now, I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Cabby Del Boy.

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  1. Dave says:

    some of the things that I have seen going on in the rear of my cab are best kept in the dark…On the other hand you could flog some of the files down that seedy alley in Soho…:-)

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