A long time coming

Hi there everybody I hope you are all well and earning enough. I’ll start by wishing you all a Happy new year and hope it’s a bit easier than last year to earn a living.
It’s been a while since I last posted on here and as Steve has decided to take a bit of time off to have a Brazillian I thought I’d have a go at filling the pages again.
Firstly I will apologise for keeping the blog short,but I have been having a problem saving and editing them and as Lester has gone away with Steve there is nobody to sort it out for me so I’ll keep adding bits over the next few days.
Well where shall I start? “At the begining ” I hear you shout so here goes.
Since my last post I have reached the grand old age of 50 and therefore should know better than to let myself get wound up by the various idiots that get in my cab and as a rule I do resist,but occasionaly they get the better of me.
One such occasion was when I picked up an Aussie chap on Tottenham court rd who asked to go to Bethnal Green. As we set off I asked if he had enough cash on him or did he need an ATM. He assured me that he was ok for cash so off we went.
When we arrived at Bethnal Green he decided that he did indeed need an ATM and asked to stop at Tescos. I started to get a bad feeling,so I undid my seatbelt as he got out and sure enough after making a pretence of getting money from the machine he did a runner. I jumped out of the cab and started to go after him but too many sausage and bacon rolls washed down with tea and choccie biscuits over the years have taken their toll! So it was back to the cab for me. I did a swift U turn and set off down the side road that he had run down. I must admit that I didn’t expect to catch him but he heard the cab come round the corner and started running,had he stayed hidden behind the wall where he was I would have driven past! As he ran away he tripped over and this gave me enough time to catch up and as he got to his feet I was out of the cab and grabbed his arm. We ended up rolling around on the ground like a couple of little kids and I managed to get him back to the cab. He then started to ask why I was so bothered about the £20 or so that the fare was!
Now it always gives me the hump when people say this,because if I went into a supermarket and walked out with a trolly load of gear I’d be nicked for thieving so what is the difference? He then told me that he was a school teacher and that I was acting like a small child. After another frank exchange of views he gave me his bank card and said that I could try to swipe it through my CC machine for the fare but as he had no money in the bank I’d be unlucky.
By this time I,d had enough so I decided to take him to Bethnal Green nick where the police could sort it out. When we arrived at the nick he refused to get out so I locked he doors with him in the back and went inside. By the time I came back out he had had it on his toes,I forgot that the doors could be unlocked from inside! But as I still had his bank card I still made a complaint hoping that the police could trace him through him bank details. I must say that the staff at Bethnal Green were very helpful and I thank them very much for all the help they gave me.
After a week or so I got a letter from the police saying that there was no way that the crime could be solved and was given a crime number just in case. About a month later I had a phone call from a PC in the C.I.D telling me that he had followed up the case and had spoken to he fella who was seriously embarrased by the way he had acted,I wonder if he felt the same way before the police knocked on his door,and wanted to make amends! After a bit of tooing and froing I eventually got my cash and a little bit extra to cover my time spent at the nick. So the next time any of you have a bilker and can get them to a police station do it! Don’t let the little wasters get away with it.
Another attempted bilk was 4 lads who I picked up in York way who wanted to go to W Ken Stn. I asked the usual question about cash and after they assured me that they had enough cash off we went. On the way the lads did nothing to arrouse suspicion so it was a big surprise when they did a runner at the end of the journey! Unfortunatly for them they should have had a good look around before they did the off, because a police car had pulled up behind us and 2 of the lads ran straight into the arms of a couple of coppers!
After a couple of radio messages the other 2 had been gathered up by another car. The sergeant had a little chat with the lads then asked me what I wanted to do about them. All I wanted was my fare and the police soon got that for me and sent me on my way while still dealing with the 4 would be bilkers. As I drove off 1 of the lads was in tears and the other 3 were close to it!
Right thats me done for now,but before I go I’d like to say well done to Steve for keeping the site going even though he has had a lot going on at home over the past year or so. I feel that I could have helped a bit more than I have and will try to help more this year. Also if any of you out there have an interesting story to tell about the cab trade send it in to Steve and you’ll get the delight of seeing your work in “print”.
Cheers and I’ll be back soon with more from the world of Cabby Del Boy.

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