While driving my cab

I always put my intercom on when reaching destination, no different this time. except my punter turns it off, this happened four times, she then says your intercom is faulty, I says no its not and explained what she did,  it took a while to sink in. I  just pulled over anyway and asked where she wanted to go, she says back there, I says I’ll do a u-turn and take you back, she says don’t bother, no problem then, you get wet.
I Pick up another punter, in Bayswater rd, she asked to go to Chiswick,  I get as far as the Goldhawk rd and asked where exactly she wanted, she says just go to the end of Chiswick, I says what the high rd, she couldn’t tell me but says just keep driving, I says how do I know where you live, she said I’ll tell you when we get there, I says how will I know when I’m there If you don’t tell me where it is, she Eventually tells me.

You can never win in this game, if I didn’t ask where she lived and relied on her telling me the way to go, there would have been a point where she missed her turning and blamed me for not asking where she lived.

Believe me that has happened, remember a few weeks back, I tried a different way and let the punter tell me the way to go, the first junction I came across, I didn’t get an answer which way to go, so I just guessed, I was right up to a point, so I continued in a straight line and he forgot to tell me to turn,that when the argument started.

This would be a great job, If I didn’t have to pick up argumentative and rude punters.

Another time while pob and driving down Charring Cross Road, the traffic was heavy as usual, I let a bus pull out in front  of me and tried pulling in behind him but the next double decker refused to let me in and forced me to break hard, even my passenger commented on how rude he was and a passing cab driver said he didn’t even look in his mirror, why the bus companies employ such selfish,arrogant,bad drivers, is beyond me.

Another day I was sitting at traffic lights in Upper Brook Street Mayfair, when this car came rolling round the corner and parked up, the smug look on the drivers face was a picture, I let him park up then told him he just drove into a one way street, that look of smugness soon disappeared as he sheepishly reversed back round the corner, I couldn’t help but smile.

Hexagon Taxis where I rent my cab from, have fitted out just over a hundred cabs with Verifone card payement terminal, so punters can now touch,swipe or just simply put their pin no in, I like using it and have done a few good job because of it  where some punters insist on paying by card,Quite often at Paddington Station I get someone wanting to pay by card.

This time was  different, I processed the card and gave him his receipt, as he walked off, my machine rejected the transaction, it’s done this a couple of times before, normally when the punter is still in the back. when I did this job,I dropped him short of his destination because the traffic was so bad and pointed him in the right direction.

I eventually got to the pub, where I dropped him, I went inside and found him sitting there, so I went up to him and showed him the cancelled transaction and told him  his card didn’t go through, he apologized and payed me cash.

Lucky for me there’s only been one incident where the transaction didn’t go through and it cancelled after the punter left, it was only £7.60, so no big problem.

I will say one thing, if anyone does a card transaction , make sure you know exactly where you drop your punter.

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