Statement to the Trade on the Olympics and Tariff Review

No doubt many of you will have seen the damaging banner headlines in the Evening Standard of Friday 11th November following the LTDA’s demand for Rate 3 for the duration of the Olympics and other payments. No one can doubt this is a massive ‘own goal’ and as one of our members said: ‘did this come from A****** *** (A well known PH outfit) marketingdepartment?’
Well, it might as well have!

The RMT London Taxi Branch position is as follows:

We have NO proposals to ask for enhanced rates during the Olympics.

Our view is that this hopefully busy event will mean plenty of work, full occupancy and less dead mileage so our takings will increase as a result.
We do have other Tariff & Olympic Concerns such as:•

  • Full Access to the Olympic Road Network (ORN)
  • Adequate Rank provision
  • The proposed £5.00 Rank Levy in addition to our licence fee.
  • The Index used to calculate the tariff (RPI/CPI)

All of this is under active discussion at Branch member and Committee level.

Our RMT London Underground Branches have obtained additional payment as a one off payment, as they would have had an enormous extra workload for no extra pay.
TFL & LU’s dozens of 100K Plus managers get a bonus every year Olympics or not, failures or not!

If you are not a member of the RMT Taxi Branch, ask yourself the following questions:

1.  Has my trade organisation consulted with me on this or anything else?
2.  Do they hold monthly meetings where you as a member make the policy democratically?
3. Are they part of a campaigning union with world leading legal protection plus many other benefits?
4. Did they support the recent successful demonstration against the failure of TfL to protect you and the travelling public?

Don’t listen to rumours from others, if you need any further information or to find out more about becoming a member, contact us now on:
078997 786433 or email   londontaxi@rmt.org.uk

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