Remembrance Sunday 2011

London cabbies have done it again.

This is the second time the ( UCG)  United Cabbies group have arranged taxi’s for transporting War veterans to the cenotaph in Whitehall.

There were so many cabs that they had to have a double queue, it stretched from the centre of Westminster bridge all the way back to Lambeth Palace Road, Past St Thoma’s Hospital.

Once again, I take my hat off to the organizers and marshals and of course the drivers who helped out.

Helping a disabled lady to a waiting taxi.

Above, Marshall Lee, directing people and cabs.

Standing proud and waiting in line for a taxi.These are just a few of many Hundreds that were taken to and from the Cenotaph.

Above a warm welcome from UCG Marshall Mark, holding cab door open.

Sitting comptable and waiting to depart at the Union Jack Club in Waterloo.

Getting a farewell hug from his daughter and then standing proud next to his waiting cab, while  we take his photo.

Marshall Mark helps put a wheelchair in cab.

They are two ex Air Force, Jenny and Angela and one ex Army, David

All members of  WRVS  (Womens Royal Voluntary Service)

All Marching in the Cenotaph parade – Civilian contingent veterans.

I took these four people to Paddington Station and I was proud to be part of the taxi fleet on the day.

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