An awkward punter

Hi everyone, It’s nice to be back, I was flagged down while driving up Queens Gate in Kensington, this guy jumped in the back an said, Just drive straight up Queens Gate and I’ll tell you where to go, at which point the lights turned Red, he grunted something, I ignored him.

When I reached the top there was no instructions, so I turned left, I‘m now waiting for the scream to tell me I’ve turned the wrong way but nothing, so I continued, I’m now in the nearside lane heading towards Ken Hi St, as I approach the junction of Ken Church St all of a sudden he says turn up Ken Church St, no please or thank you, I just managed to pull over behind two cars, lucky it wasn’t busy because I could not have turned at such short notice.

When I reached the top of Ken Church St, the same as before, no instruction, so I turned left, I’m now heading towards Holland Park Avenue, as I passed the junction of Pembridge Road he said pull over here, so I did, he in a less then calm voice said, I told you to turn up Pembridge Villas, he then continued with his rant, first of all he keep repeating that he was the concierge of a large hotel and he demanded that I take him to the police station because I was driving the wrong way, in the same breath he said take me home and I will pay you your money.there’s me thinking this guy is not only rude and drunk, he also doesn’t have any money on him, I thought to myself  there’s no way he’s going to pay me, so while he’s still ranting away in the back I took him to Notting hill Gate Police station, which is just down the road in Ladbroke Road.

When outside the nick he couldn’t wait to get out and beat me to the waiting desk sergeant, in a very loud and aggressive manner he tried explaining what went on, tripping himself up several times, I let him dig his hole, he was then asked to wait outside, it was my turn, I sat down and calmly explained what happened.

Afterwards the Sergeant asked him to come inside and told him he will have to pay me the fare, the guy said, if he takes me home then I can pay him, I said there’s no way thats going to happen not unless the sergeant can arrange someone to come with me, he then asked him if he had a debit or credit card on him, he took out a credit card, I said you could have paid me via my card machine, he said he didn’t know I had one. You can’t mistake these machines, he was obviously to drunk to have noticed it.

The sergeant asked me if I could bring the machine inside the station, At a guess I think he was probably on his own, I said no It’s fixed to the cab, with that he came outside, the guy tried using his card but no joy probably because he didn’t no what he was doing.

The sergeant then asked me what I want to do? I said, ask him to bring the money to the station and I’ll pick it up later, we all went inside, the sergeant asked me to wait in the reception area while he takes down some details of the guy.

He was very loud in his response when asked for some proof of identity, I could here him saying in a very aggressive manner here is my phone no what more proof do you need, The sergeant then asked him what hotel he worked for, he told him the Kensington Hilton, the sergeant then made a phone call to the hotel, he checked out ok, he was then asked what time he would bring the money back, he said by midnight.

I left my name and contact no and said I’ll be back at midnight.

I then went off to try and do some local work, I managed to do one local job,then thought I don’t want to take anymore chances just in-case I get something taking me to far away, so after passing a few raised hands I made my way back to the nick, when inside, the sergeant handed me the money.

You may well ask why I didn’t ask him to tell me where he wanted to go in the first place, it might have turned out different.

believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve let someone tell me where to go without asking where, it was around 10:50 pm when he originally flagged me down, he pointed in a northerly direction, because of the time and direction I wasn’t to bothered where I ended up, mind you if we went to far I would have said something.

I know most drivers wouldn’t have taken him but you get used to this type of person after driving for nearly 20 years, It’s very rare for me not to get paid one way or the other, meaning via the nick.

I got what I wanted in the end, I honestly believe he felt a little bit awkward and embarrassed, he knew I overheard him tell the police sergeant where he worked, if  it turned out different and he didn’t bring the money back, then I would have   made a visit to the hotel, with a note to the manager.

Be lucky.

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