Good and sad people

Hi everyone, I’m back, not that you noticed I was gone in the first place, I recently  picked up this young Chinese couple in Kensington Gore, they asked me to take them to a pub in Ravens Ct Pk, Chiswick, I repeated to them the address, they said thats correct, on my way there driving down Ken Hi St,opposite the station, traffic came to a standstill, I took the opportunity to read my Twitter feed,I noticed from the corner of my eye, someone trying to push his way in front of me, normally I would let other vehicles go, not when they try forcing their way through tho, when the traffic cleared he managed to slip in-front of me,not that it bothered me, not until he wound down his window and threw a cup of  hot drink at my cab,lucky I noticed what he was doing and managed to stop the cab, he missed me, when I caught up with him at the next lights, I shouted some expletives at him, not that he was bothered, he just swore back.

I continued on my way, when I arrived at Ravens Ct Pk I asked my punter what was the name of the pub he wanted, he said it’s not exactly in Ravens Ct Pk but near it, I said where exactly is it then,after a short while, after he check his phone for details, he said it’s in Upper Mall, I said why didn’t you tell me exactly where it was in the first place, he said I thought you new where it was, he apologized and said do you mind taking me there, I said of course not, I’m not likely to leave you stranded, so back down the A4 and under the flyover so I can come back down the A4 West bound,a couple of hundred yards and we where there, he payed me off, no problem.

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