Dangerous Rickshaw’s

This  is what London cabbie Brendan Fitzpatrick saw while driving up Shaftesbury Avenue.

Brendan says:

Friday 3.20 am I was pob going along shaftesbury Avenue, I  crossed cambridge Circus, there were two Rickshaws side by side both with passengers on and they started racing each other then the outside one suddenly Lost control and capsized ejecting a girl directly onto the Tarmac, I got out of my cab and tried to wave down a passing police car with his siren on to no avail meantime the Rickshaw riders were lifting the bike off the girl who at this stage was crying and howling and I could see blood on her forehead, I then rang 999 and requested police and ambulance to the scene while in  meantime the girl was moved to the pavement and traffic could move again, I don’t know if the emergency services turned up because I had to complete my fare.
This morning I have just read that three Arab girls fell out of one of these dangerous contraptions in Knightsbridge. This is complete madness and its just a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or even killed. The fact that it hasn’t happened already is a testament to the driving skills of the motorists who, at the cost of causing congestion are giving these third world deathtraps a wide birth.

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  1. Lee says:

    This is really pathetic,tens of thousands of people have in actual fact been killed in cars accidents in the uk especialy in London,i personally have been knocked of my bike twice both by mini cab drivers both who drove away,i have personaly seen one death,a young lady,dead near holbourn,and guess what another hit and run,Many people truly loathe mini cabs and black cabs in London and its time that they where exposed nationally,look at your situation with your rip off unions,and your twisted politics it would be laughable if they where not serious,your war is with mini cabs which in my true opinion are the worst problem in london,just look at the congestion they cause on the weekend, it is sick,i personly will never drive around London it is pointless,especially with the oil prices going up so dramatically.

    I look at it this way if we where to pile up the dead bodies like points in two piles those who have been killed by reckless mini cab and black cabs and those who have been killed by rickshaws in London say over the last decade then we could get it into the actual facts about pollution,and take a national vote,then we could mabe look into the corruption and dirty illegal brothels that all these cabbies seem to be selling outside certain sex clubs
    and mabe imform the nation about the facts around this,if you dont believe me just walk around some of the clubs around three am and see how many so called cabbies try to hussle you,they will actually follow up the road looking like they are your buddie,when in fact just see where they will take you if you are stupid enough to fall for their filth.

    I goes without saying,Many mini cabs an black cabs and rickshaws are just regular people from all walks of life just trying to make an honest living
    the best way they can,it hurts me becauce over the last four years on the rickshaws i have met and can call many west end cabbies and black cab drivers friends,some of just dont have a problem,we just get on with it keep
    our chins up and it works,ive had black cabs give me jobs and i have given
    them jobs,its up to the client how they wish to travel.

    The solution is to regulate the rickshaws,re relulate the mini cab firms
    as in my opinion they activley steal trade and its very disturbing,i say this becauce im an englishman on a rickshaw,and most of the folks who are trying to push me out of work are not english,with different values,my God it
    is beggers belief.


  2. Leigh says:

    My God, it certainly does beggar belief!!!
    Three points for you to try and get both of your brain cells around!
    1) Cabbies are Black Taxi or Hackney Carraige Drivers not to be mistaken for or grouped in with Private Hire or Mini-Cab Drivers. The Term Mini-Cab is in itself Wrong and actually as Illegal as it is Misleading.
    2) Private Hire Vehicles and Drivers are responsible for OVER 90% of the immoral and criminal activity attributed to “Cab Drivers”
    3) The only reason ANYONE has concern or even registers rickshaws is because they pose an enormous risk to the lives of anyone who rides on them! We don’t care about the drivers who are responsible for their driving decisions and therefore have noone to blame for their suicidal choices! It’s the innocent and vulnerable public that you lure and steal from as you put their lives at risk that are the party everyone is concerned for!! If it wasn’t for them you would be left to kill yourselves in peace as a self solving problem! It wouldn’t take long!! In that way you are no different to smokers and motorcyclists…..the walking dead!!

  3. Lee says:

    Well the oil prices are at an all time high now mate,as well as pollution,and cancer and related life threatening conditions caused by pollution,this is an undisputed fact,but who cares hey.
    Now London has about 1000 unregulated rickshaws,most who drive them come from the third world,bangladesh and turkey to be accurate and there are thousands more on the way,
    This is costing the taxpayer tens of thousands
    of pounds,or more even,
    By regulating the rickshaws there would have only have been a handfull of rickshaws,of experienced honest and responsible rickshaw drivers who follow a strict code of conduct,much like the black cabs do,so infact
    by the RTA and LTDA blocking this they have opened up a really nasty can of worms that really is not helping anyone,look at your picture above,do you think theses drivers are insured,or actualy care about anyones saftey.
    Becauce your unions blocked us being regulated,which would have meant cbr checks,proper training,exams,having referances,health checks,basically treating the trade as a proffesion,as opposed as a free for all,This would have eliminated the problem we have now,as the only real winners are the cowboys who are manufacturing the these bikes in china and renting them out to absolutley anyone grossing thousands of pounds weekly,and flooding the market so badly that its now impossible for anyone to trade,
    This mate beggars belief,its pointless and
    stupid,Its made honest rickshaw drivers look like criminals,and lined the pockets of imposters with hundreds of thousands of pounds.
    My question is what is the real reason that your union has blocked us being properly regulated,i mean in ten years there has not been any serious accidents on pedicabs,does that not prove that they are not really that dangerous after all,they are regulated in other countries like Norway,Spain,New York,why not London,what is going on,think about all the jobs,that could have been created for us by regulating the trade,do you think that if we are regulated that we are going to steal your airport jobs and quickly rickshaw people over to heathrow airport,man all i do is to advise people about different music venues,bars and nighclubs,people ask us and we advise,and and do five ten pound journeys around the west end late at night is that a crime in your opinion,i personly live on tips,like a waiter,is that theft,becauce when you are tipped it is usualy in accordance with what your client thinks about you and you service,and wonder how many tips you get for your service,or mabe in truth some people wont get into a black cab because they feel like they being robbed in actual fact.
    In my opinion your unions have made you look like idiots,and it doesent matter if they manadge to get pedicabs band here they will have done it dishonestly and in the longrun it will reflect on you,the oil prices will probably continue to rise,you will continue to fight will mini cabs,and as inflation rises and the economic downturn deepened your incomes will get smaller and smaller and smaller,and us rickshaw drivers will will probably go to other places like Norway or Amsterdam or mabe New
    York where the people see sense and have worked out a workable solution that benefits everyone,eg regulating Rickshaws .

    Good Luck Black Cabbies


  4. funny spirit says:

    ive been run down by 2 cabs both in zebra crossing!! i was lucky and get away with minor injuries!!Mad people who dont respect any other drivers or people!!grumpy old bastards who earns to much and behave so little.Rickshaws are as dangerous as black cabs,True; but they much more fun.

  5. funny spirit says:

    A school community has paid tribute to a pupil who died after being hit by a black cab.

    Ali Nasralla died on Tuesday after he was hit while riding his bike near a busy A3 junction on Monday.

    The eight year old was on his way home from Robin Hood primary school when he was hit by the vehicle on Robin Hood Way at 4pm.

    He was taken by air ambulance to St George’s hospital in Tooting with head injuries but died !!

    Does it ring any bells??

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