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RMT wins victory fight against Rickshaws

RMT London taxi branch chalks up significant victory in fight against unlicensed and unsafe rickshaws.

I am glad to be able to report that RMT’s parliamentary group convenor, John McDonnell MP, has successfully objected to the TFL London Local Authorities Bill at its second reading, on the grounds that it would lead to the continued proliferation of unlicensed, unsafe rickshaws clogging up central London

The RMT parliamentary group objection means that the bill is now kicked back and will have to be presented again for second reading on September 6, at which point RMT will object again, and keep objecting until the final debate on the Bill is given.

RMT will use the breathing space to give us the leverage to force TfL to negotiate on the revised content of the bill and to take tough action against the spread of unsafe and unlicensed rickshaws.

We know that rickshaws are unsafe and increase congestion, and that there are no checks on who is fit and proper to operate them. If John McDonnell hadn’t taken decisive action on behalf of RMT taxi drivers it would have had dire consequences for passenger safety.

The clauses that TfL was trying to bulldoze through made little or no provision for statutory minimum standards or for checks to be carried out on the rickshaws, their riders or their operators. Nor would there have been any provisions for any training to be required or for compulsory registration.

It is shocking that TfL has refused to negotiate on this issue and is ignoring recommendations from parliamentary committees that a compulsory registration scheme for rickshaws and pedicabs should be explored.

RMT and its parliamentary group MPs will continue to fight on this issue to defend the licensed taxi trade against this attack on their livelihoods.

Bob Crow

RMT General Secretary

2 Responses to “RMT wins victory fight against Rickshaws”

  1. Leigh says:

    TFL just want to make money!
    I have had cause to contact them about certain issues and all they would do is wriggle and twist until they could find somebody else to either blame or take responsibility!
    When I quoted the taxi laws they claimed this was a matter for the police- not the governing body for the licenced taxi trade- so when you spot the yellow badge identifier in a windscreen of a cab plying for hire down Piccadilly, don’t bother contacting TFL cos it’s none of their business.
    For that matter any other infringement of taxi law is now the business of the police so get photographic proof and plenty of witnesses coz your gonna have to sway the CPS before anything is done if TFL has their way!!
    They’re far too busy thinking up new ways to squeeze £’s out of you when you renew your bill to try and prevent wrong doing……
    ……remember, every licence revoked is a three yearly cash cow slaughtered!!
    If they could set up a criminal rehabilitation program that involved teaching the knowledge with the promise of early release on completion of the course and a guaranteed

  2. Leigh says:

    …..(ooops) blind eye to any dodgy activity in the future TFL would jump at it, but don’t expect them to license rickshaws…….they’ve got far too many mugs to persecute and manipulate already!!
    Be lucky!!

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