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Around London Town

More changes to London
On the left outside the Conaught Hotel in Carlos Place, a new water feature with steam,
It’s quite impressive, it livens up what used to be a bland corner of Mayfair.

Below Paddington Basin

A mere stroll from the timeless calm of Little Venice, Paddington Basin makes a bold strike for 21st century modernity. [...]


Dangerous Rickshaw’s

This  is what London cabbie Brendan Fitzpatrick saw while driving up Shaftesbury Avenue.
Brendan says:

Friday 3.20 am I was pob going along shaftesbury Avenue, I  crossed cambridge Circus, there were two Rickshaws side by side both with passengers on and they started racing each other then the outside one suddenly Lost control and capsized [...]


RMT wins victory fight against Rickshaws

RMT London taxi branch chalks up significant victory in fight against unlicensed and unsafe rickshaws.

I am glad to be able to report that RMT’s parliamentary group convenor, John McDonnell MP, has successfully objected to the TFL London Local Authorities Bill at its second reading, on the grounds that it would lead to the continued proliferation [...]


The value of change

From time to time myself and Steve get into an argument over taxi drivers having to provide change to passengers. You know the story, a passenger gets in the cab, takes a £5 journey and then tries to pay with a £20 note and you don’t have the change. Steve maintains that a driver can [...]

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