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RMT demos and protests

In the last few weeks the RMT have had several demos and protests, starting with Windsor House Victoria Street.

Then a week later the RMT moved on to Palestra Houst The home of TFL our licencing body and where  John Mason Director of T/PH has is office.

A week later the RMT turned up at the Mayor’s Question time in

Methodist central hall, Story’s Gate Victoria.

Members of the RMT London Taxi branch along with about 500 members of the public attended the talk London meeting with Boris Johnson at the Methodist hall Westminster on June 2nd.
We were in attendance to lobby members of the public prior to the start of the meeting and to ask the Mayor what he intended to do about the appalling situation that now exists in the capital with regard to the huge 54% increase in rape and sexual assaults on women trying to travel home safely at night following a night out.
We at the RMT say this situation is unacceptable and avoidable
It is brought about by those at Tfl refusing to take this matter seriously, and allowing minicabs to form illegal ranks outside venues all over the capital this allows would be attackers to remain on the streets unchallenged this is totally illegal and must be stopped.
We say that the law must be enforced to remove this menace from our streets it will come as no surprise to our taxi driver members that when the Mayor was asked about this matter he was totally unable to give a satisfactory answer. We at the RMT will continue to pursue the Mayor Boris Johnson Director of TPH John Mason and the Director of Transport for London Peter Hendy until this appalling situation is resolved.

RMT members Mick Bailey,Stan Marut, Steve Emment

RMT at Mayors Question Time

The RMT will continue in their quest, to bring to order those responsible for the mess they’ve got the London Licenced taxi trade in. As the saying goes. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Never on our knees

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  1. MichaelBailey says:

    Well done RMT for presenting the real fact’s on the apalling number of rapes and sexual assaults that have taken place due to the lack of enforcement by TfL. I attended the Mayors question time meeting at the methodist hall in westminster on June 2nd and saw Boris try to tell the public that the RMT had fabricated the information that had been handed out prior to the meeting. But had to resort to shuffling his papers and splutering when it was pointed out that the information had come from the Transport for London website.

    If ther is any missinformation being given out you should look a little closer to home Mr Mayor

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