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A quick update

Hi there everybody,hope you are well and earning enough.
It’s been a while since I posted on here and I thought that I would pop by with a quick update.
Things have been ticking along as usual with the normal jumble of quirky and annoying jobs. The first one that springs to mind is the 2 stunning young Eastern european hookers [...]


Admiralty House

Admiralty House Whitehall sw1

Admiralty House is entered from the Admiralty courtyard and was built in 1786-91 by Samuel Pepy’s Cockerell as a rear extension of the  first lord of the Admiralty’s residence. It is set back from Whitehall and it’s main front is towards Horse Guards Parade; it is of yellow brick with three [...]


The Oak is back

Not far from the original, the  Oak is back, situated in   Hermitage Street.

The OAK is back at Paddington. John Anderson will re-open the OAK at its new location this coming Monday 13 th June. It is situated in Hermitage Street which runs between Harrow Road and North Wharf Road W2. There is ample parking between [...]


RMT demos and protests

In the last few weeks the RMT have had several demos and protests, starting with Windsor House Victoria Street.

Then a week later the RMT moved on to Palestra Houst The home of TFL our licencing body and where  John Mason Director of T/PH has is office.

A week later the RMT turned up at [...]


Out with the old in with the new

Hi everyone, I just thought I’d share a few photos of  the back of kings Cross station, before it changes for ever.
It’s long over due but at last Kings Cross is being regenerated.
Some of the old  buildings are about to be demolished, they’ve even added a new bridge across the canal to make easy access.
Below [...]

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