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Saturday night calm and chaos

Adele on the left and Jane

Hi everyone, While driving up Bayswater Road, I got flagged down by two ladies wearing pink wigs, they told me the first cab they tried to hail, took one look at them and drove straight past.

Come on guys, what’s wrong with these two lovely ladies.

I got chatting to them and they told me they were doing the shorter of the two walks, 16 mls I think they said, all the same it’s for a good course, breast cancer Moonwalk,Walk the Walk Well done ladies.

On my way to Hanover Square, I’m pob and sitting in traffic, in Shaftesbury Avenue, these two guys ask a minicab driver if he was free, the driver says yes, I told them if he takes you I’ll report him,they both smiled and walked off.

Driving down Shaftesbury and up Wardour Street is crazy,push bikes on the pavement, pedi cycles cycling down the wrong way of one way streets and parked on corners making it hard for people and vehicles to move round them also cars and minicabs making illegal turns,people walking aimlessly around, in their smashed/hammered state adding to the chaos.
I’ve got as far as Gt Marlborough Street waiting at a set of red lights, when this car comes up the other side of the street and turns right into Regent Street,everyone stops, no one attempts to stop him, I’ve seen police cars with their two’s and blues blaring away with less affect.

I just dropped off in Princes Street w1, when a double decker comes rolling down the road and comes to an abrupt halt at the edge of the pavement,a dead end road, “o dear” now you would have thought, he might try and back up and try a different way, no, not he, he decided to continue, over the pavement he goes,the crazy thing is, there was a Pedicycle behind him who decided to turn back, along with the rest of the vehicles.

while Tweeting about it this Chinese looking guy came up to me and threw open my back door,so fast, at first I thought he did some damage, when he sat down I said was there any need for that,he started getting a bit stroppy so I asked him to leave, he all of a sudden went into one, started effing and blinding and showing me a few hand gestures, I thought ,well I never, all I did was ask him to leave my cab, some people.

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  1. Steve

    Long before John Kennedy’s “Walk the Walk” on the big George Radio Show, 15 years in fact, a group of 13 women Power Walked the New York City Marathon in their bras to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.
    Their team was known as “Walk the Walk”

    What started out as a one-off fundraising event, has now blossomed into a thriving multi-million pound charity, raising to date in excess of £65 million for vital breast cancer causes.

    Without the money raised over the passed 15 years many men and women would no longer be with us. Cut down by this disease which shatters the lives of the families it touches.

    Some Taxi drivers were complaining about the traffic, but after all we are the professional and should be apt at getting around and through the traffic, unlike the bus driver in Princes Street.

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