Red Cross trains London taxi drivers

15 April 2011

The British Red Cross has provided first aid training to a group of a taxi drivers and marshals in London.

According to the charity, its volunteers provided a special course for the workers in a bid to help them deal with late night fares and passengers who are ill or injured.

The taxi firms were inspired to take the course after hearing about a Red Cross partnership with the Metropolitan Police.

Tony Ellis, a taxi company manager, told the organisation that drivers and marshals working late night shifts “come across a lot of incidents”, often related to excessive drinking.

“Most of us already step in and help, but if our drivers know what to do they are more likely to be able to help in an appropriate way,” Mr Ellis told the Red Cross.

The organisation has worked closely with the Tesco Baby & Toddler Club BabySafe campaign to teach similar skills to 3,500 parents in the last 12 months.

Source CAF

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