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Pedicabs and Clause 19…. by John Kennedy.

On Monday the 28th March the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) bill received its 3rd reading in the House of Lords and moved on the 29th to the House of Commons.

Taxis and rickshaws soon competing for rank space.

The RMT and its London taxi branch will petition against “clause 19″ of this bill for it seeks to create pedicab “ranks/bays” on the public highway. If pedicabs gain ranks and bays then the private hire, mini-cab will surely demand at least the same.

Transport for London doesn’t seem to care about our trade and they certainly don’t give a dam about our hard earned right to “ply for hire” which is an activity defined by our unique ability to RANK. Others within our trade talk even brag about seeking a ban of pedicabs from the public highway but want to let this bill slip through parliament.

So here’s the RMT London taxi branch challenge, petition AGAINST “clause 19″ and work to BAN pedicabs from the public highway or do nothing and support Westminster City Council and Transport for London’s unenforceable “VOLUNTARY” registration scheme.

The “VOLUNTARY” registration scheme will lead to “ranks/bays” on public highway for pedicabs.

A new Addison Lee?


* The people in authority, can’t stop the touting.

* They can’t deter the attacks on women.

* They can’t even clear our taxi ranks at night of mini-cabs and cars.

* The people in authority are incompetent and lack the knowledge and understanding of our trade.

Join the RMT London taxi branch and STOP pedicab ranks/bays by saying NO to clause 19.

John Kennedy, Chairman,

RMT London taxi branch.

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