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Banksy’s art by John kennedy

This was spotted by John Kennedy aka @johnthecabby at Clipstone Street W1
I went to see for myself and you had to wait your turn to take a picture, more photographers were coming all the time.


A Near Miss

While driving down Goodge street following behind a double decker reg W915 VLN, N207, he tried overtaking a milk float but come a cropper as he pulled out and started to overtake, he came across a bollard in the middle of the road, so a fast as he pulled out he had to pull back [...]


Solar internet Radio DJ Mick Smith.

London Cabbie and part time time radio DJ.

London cabbie Mick Smith has been driving his cab around central London for the best part of 22 years and for 12 of them as a part time radio DJ for Solar radio, during his 12 year stint he also worked in the USA as a DJ.
He goes [...]


Mayoral candidate calls for cycle awareness training for London’s cab drivers

Jenny Jones, the Green Party’s candidate in next year’s London mayoral elections has called for the city’s black cab drivers to be given cycle awareness training similar to that now being provided to bus and lorry drivers.
In a statement released earlier this week, she said: “Both black cabs and cyclists are a big feature of [...]


Red Cross trains London taxi drivers

15 April 2011
The British Red Cross has provided first aid training to a group of a taxi drivers and marshals in London.
According to the charity, its volunteers provided a special course for the workers in a bid to help them deal with late night fares and passengers who are ill or injured.
The taxi firms were [...]


TweetaLondonCab & Taxistop video

TweetaLondonCab announces partnership with TaxiStop. TaxiStop will provide software solutions to enable TLC to accept automated taxi hails & bookings on both Mobiles and Smartphones. Register here for the beta version of TaxiStop for TweetaLondonCab.

Richard Cudlip introduces TweetALondonCab by mobiledevelopertv

Gideon Clifton introduces all new TaxiStop service by mobiledevelopertv


Bizarre taxi law

Forget speeding or committing a burglary – all you need do to risk getting a criminal record is walk home with your flatpack shelving kit.Section 54 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 makes it an offence to carry a plank across the pavement in London. Maximum fine: £500.
Hailing a moving black cab would be an [...]


This and that

Hi everyone, you might remember that I’ve been trying to sell my house.
It’s now been a year since it first went on the market, I had one offer fall through last year at my original price, so I’ve had to drop the price by quite a considerable amount of money, stamp duty along with the [...]


London cabbie helps to reunite camera with relieved owner

WHEN Paul Bruno stepped out of a London taxi last month at Paddington station, he accidently left behind his prized £450 Nikon camera complete with zoom lens.
The police and London Taxi Drivers Association were contacted but, fearing that a member of the public would have found it and considered it “their lucky day”, both were [...]


The Stig Does Donuts in London Taxi Cab

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