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TweetaLondonCab and TAXISTOP


Tweetalondoncab & TAXISTOP partner for real-time taxi booking in London  With a growing fleet and waiting list totalling 350 drivers, tweetalondoncab – also known as TLC due to their inherent good service – has built an enviable following as the capital’s best and cheapest alternative taxi booking service.Passengers have persisted to overcome the hindrances of the twitter platform to book taxis by following TLC and advising of journey requirements at least 40 minutes in advance via a twitter message. But mobile users demand instant services and twitter has prevented the guarantee of taxis being booked and despatched in real-time.

TAXISTOP is a real-time passenger booking and driver management system available exclusively to licensed meter taxi drivers and passengers, based entirely on web and mobile apps hosted on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud.Drivers are now able to join the TLC TAXISTOP beta service and immediately display their availability to passengers in real-time.Also, passengers will soon be able to enjoy Wi-Fi on board and allow meetings to take place in the spacious environment of a black taxi with the confidence and accountability of knowing that each journey is securely tracked.TLC Passengers will be able to use TAXISTOP beyond London as the service extends throughout the UK and internationally.

Passengers are invited to download the free smartphone app or send an SMS to make bookings and instantly see TLC taxis available in their immediate vicinity. Journey updates including driver photos, contacts and location keep the driver and passenger connected ensuring the safety of both parties. Payment can be cash, card, PayPal or mobile bill.

Richard Cudlip, TLC co-founder said, “The TLC TAXISTOP evolution shall allow the real benefits of our partnership to become available to our loyal passengers who have long demanded real-time taxi booking solutions directly on their mobile without the need to stand on a street corner.The safety of seeing your taxi on a map and knowing what you are getting into gives you comfort that you are going home in one of the safest, most reliable and popular form of taxi transport in the world.” Karl James, tweetalondoncab co-founder continued, “we’ve been looking forward to this launch for quite some time. We always knew what was required, we just had to wait for the right tech to deliver the solution our drivers and passengers deserve. That tech has just arrived and we’re proud to get on board with TAXISTOP.”

Gideon Clifton, CEO, TAXISTOP added, “TLC has the same high service level and ethos as TAXISTOP.

We are honoured and excited to announce our win-win TAXISTOP partnership with TLC drivers and passengers and combine with the great forces of Microsoft and Telefonica to extend the TLC TAXISTOP application to millions of smartphone and feature phone users.O2 Passengers can soon book by SMS courtesy of Telefonica’s BlueVia SDK for NET. Through our Navteq partnership passengers can make real-time licensed taxi bookings on maps via the web or on their mobile using native . Soon passengers could see their TLC taxi arriving within 10 minutes of maps booking in central London.Getting home safely has just become everyone’s automatic right and we invite passengers and drivers to join the evolution!”

Tweetalondoncab is the largest independent driver group in London and has over 10,000 twitter followers.Medianet partners with OS & handset vendors and operators to publish TAXISTOP and other consumer and enterprise cloud hosted web and mobile apps in automotive, education, hospitality, logistics and retail in over 80 global markets.NAVTEQ is the leading global provider of maps, traffic and places data enabling navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising around the world.Our robust and accurate content enables intelligent location applications which support navigation for in-vehicle systems, portable and wireless devices, and mapping solutions available via the internet or downloaded to a mobile device. Our advanced visual content, LocationPoint™ Advertising platform, and NAVTEQ Traffic™ portfolio are among the premier products our customers and developers can use to differentiate their location offerings.NAVTEQ is headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA, with more than 5,400 employees worldwide located in 214 offices in 49 countries.TLC™ and tweetalondoncab™ are trademarks. NAVTEQ® and TAXISTOP® are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.Medianet 2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House, London, W1J 6BD Tel +44 (0)207 935 1001 press@groupmedianet.com Photo & Video available at www.taxistop.com/tlc

2 Responses to “TweetaLondonCab and TAXISTOP”

  1. Adam G says:

    As long as it doesn’t lose sight of the original concept of a small personal service delivered by a small group of dedicted individuals.

    Otherwise it’ll end up being yet another ComCab / DAC / RTG venture.

    Is Cabup remaining? I hope so.

  2. steve says:

    Hi Adam, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, just to let you know, cabup is staying and so is TLC thanks for your comment.

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